15 Effortless No Shaker Cocktails for The Home Bartender

Don't have a cocktail making kit? No worries.

So, you’re itching for a cocktail, but you find yourself up the creek without a shaker.

We’ve all been there (for some of us, it happens every time we spend a night away from home).

Fear not! There are plenty of delicious no shaker cocktails you can mix up without a single piece of specialist equipment.

To shake or not to shake?

We’ve pulled together this selection of easy no shaker cocktails to take the mess out of no-shaker mixology.

We’ve chosen a mix of stirred cocktails, built cocktails and muddled cocktails, all deliberately designed to be made without a shaker.

But if you’re in the mood for a shaken cocktail, read our handy guide on how to make shaken cocktails without a shaker.

Now, let’s make some delicious cocktails

No shake fancy cocktails


Negroni cocktail recipe in a rocks glass with a lemon garnish

One of our favourite quick and easy no-shaker cocktails has to be the Negroni.

Beware, though, this isn’t a tipple for the timid! It’s a mixture of gin, sweet vermouth and campari.

Add everything into the fancy glass of your choice, swirl with some big chunks of ice and top with a twist of orange peel.

Deceptively simple, lip-smackingly good, and satisfyingly strong. 


Even with no shaker to hand, you can still make lots of classy cocktails!

Anything with a champagne (or prosecco) base will be perfect for those times when you want to feel fancy without the faff.

All you need to knock up a knockout Bellini is champagne (or prosecco – whichever fizz you fancy) and peach juice. An undeniably delicious combo.

Aperitivo Spritz

If you’re looking for a summer stunner, why not stretch to an Aperitivo Spritz – a champagne twist on the Aperol classic.

Classic Martini

A classic martini or dirty martini recipe with an olive in the martini glass

To get that fancy feeling without the champagne price tag, you could embrace your inner Bond and mix yourself a Martini.

All you need is some dry vermouth, gin (or vodka), and a twist of lemon to serve. Maximum yum, minimal effort.

No shaker muddled cocktails

Some cocktails are only at their most delicious once they’re good and muddled up.

Old Fashioned

A person holds an Old Fashioned cocktail recipe in a rocks glass on a kitchen island at home

In our opinion, there isn’t a better no-shake cocktail than a really well made Old Fashioned. There are tons of twists you can take on the classic recipe, so get yourself a bottle of bourbon and go nuts. 

Mint Julep

If you’re after something a bit more on the summery side, why not muddle yourself a Mint Julep – another iconic bourbon-based tipple.

The fragrant mint, smokey whisky and sweet syrup combine into a beautifully balanced drink that’s sippable all day long.

No shaker highball cocktails

Cuba Libre

Highball cocktails are the most common kind of no-shaker cocktails. Gin and tonic, for example, is a sipper’s staple the world over.

We’re guessing you don’t need a recipe for that, though. If you’re ginned-out and looking for a fresh highball option, why not get in a Central American kind of mood and rustle up a Cuba Libre.

Take a healthy glug of rum, a nip of bitters, lime juice and top it all off with the cola of your choice (don’t cheap out on the cola, though – it won’t be anywhere near as good). 

Apple and Elderflower Collins

Apple and Elderflower collins recipe in a highball glass

For a fruity twist on an absolutely classic highball, why not try your hand at mixing up our take on the Apple and Elderflower Collins.

It’s the perfect drink to accompany any summer afternoon, not just because it’s delicious, but also because it’s a lovely long drink.

So you won’t have to heave yourself out of that deck chair anywhere near as often as you will if you’re sampling summer negronis!

Añejo Highball

Created by the legendary Dale DeGroff, the Añejo Highball recipe is a refreshing mix of rum and ginger beer. The perfect sipper for the early evenings.

Layered no shaker cocktails

If you’re mixing up a batch of drinks and you want to get an appreciative “ooh” from your audience, why not add a splash of the dramatic into your glass with one of these no-shake gradient cocktails. 

Tequila Sunrise

A woman sips a Tequila Sunrise, an easy no shaker cocktail, whilst reading a book

The Tequila Sunrise is one of the easiest no-shake cocktails to make, and it looks dead fancy.

Just add ice, tequila and OJ to your glass of choice and pour over a few tablespoons of grenadine (don’t stir, or it won’t sink).

Garnish with a cherry and soak up the appreciative murmurs from your guests.


For an after-dinner showstopper, try your hand at making a layered Vertigo.

Start with ice, ginger ale and lemon juice, then carefully add your layer of Averna – an Italian aperitif that sits alongside Campari. It’s a bit sweeter than most other kinds of Amaro, though, making it the perfect end to a good meal. 

No shake frozen cocktails

With summer coming up, it’s worth bagging some good frozen cocktail recipes ahead of time.

Frozen Mojito

Where better to start than with this Frozen Mojito recipe? It’s the perfect mix of boozy, sweet and sharp – perfect for a steamy summer afternoon. Or any afternoon, for that matter. 

Frozen Margarita

A frozen Strawberry Margarita recipe

Thinking along the same lines, you really can’t go wrong with a frozen Margarita.

Tart, sweet, and delightfully refreshing.

Simply blend up all the ingredients, pour into a glass and enjoy!

Adding a fancy salted rim to your glass is easy too! Just run some fresh lime around the rim of your glass, spread some salt out on a plate and dip the glass into the salt. 

We recommend making both of the above in big enough batches that everybody gets one, otherwise you’re guaranteed to get some frozen fomo. 

Hot no shaker cocktails

If summer is the last thing on your mind and you’re looking for a way to cosy up with a hot no-shaker cocktail, we’ve got you covered.

Mulled wine is a festive classic, and it’s as adaptable as it is delicious.

Add whatever spices you like to a pan, pour over your red wine and bring it to a simmer. For an extra-decadent twist, add a glug of amaretto. 

If you’re looking for a hot no-shaker cocktail to start your day, and we think that sounds like a great idea, you can’t go wrong with a proper Irish coffee.

To do it justice though, you’ve got to get your hands on some decent Irish whisky (check out our recent article covering the best Irish Whiskey brands).

Once you’ve got your whisky to hand add it to a glass, along with some sugar syrup (or a sugar free option) and coffee.

Top with whipped cream and enjoy.

Ready to Drink Cocktails

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