Apple and Elderflower Collins Recipe

The Cocktail Society's Apple and Elderflower Collins Cocktail recipe. Learn how to make an Elderflower Collins with our expert mixologists.
Apple and Elderflower collins recipe in a highball glass








25ml Gin
25ml Elderflower Liqueur
25ml Cloudy Apple Juice
4 Mint Leaves
3 Lime Wedges


Add the limes to a highball glass and muddle to extract the juice. Next, put the mint in your hand and clap your hands together and add the mint to the glass. This starts to extract the mint essence and is the best way without making the cocktail bitter (see more in the expert tip below). Add the rest of the ingredients except the soda, crushed ice and stir. Once mixed, top up with soda.


Fresh Mint Sprig

Pro Tip

Mint leaves that have been shaken too much will create lots of tiny pieces that are rather unpleasant in the mouth when drinking the cocktail. The other issue (and a far bigger one in the bartending community) is overworking mint leaves causes it to release the bitter compound Chlorophyll (sorry to take you back to GCSE Biology).

About The Apple & Elderflower Collins

A close relative of the English Garden (that uses lemon but not soda or mint), the Apple and Elderflower Collins recipe doesn’t have any known origins in terms of its creation but is a very well known and well-loved cocktail with many variations.


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