Negroni Cocktail Recipe

The Cocktail Society's Negroni Cocktail Recipe. Learn how to make a Negroni with our expert mixologists.
Negroni cocktail








25ml Gin
25ml Sweet Vermouth
25ml Campari

How to Make a Negroni Cocktail

The Negroni is one of the easiest yet most complex tasting cocktails you can make.

Add all ingredients to a rocks or an old fashioned cocktail glass.

Add ice and stir 3 or 4 times. garnish with an orange zest.


Orange Zest

Tell us about the Negroni Cocktail Recipe

The Negroni has had a major renaissance over the last few years and is one of the most talked about cocktails in popular culture.

There is even a Negroni Week that celebrates this rock start cocktail.

Not bad for a three ingredient cocktail from the early 1900’s.

The Negroni is one of the greatest examples of playing simple but getting incredibly complex results.

The flavour profile is one that is sweet and refreshing but with a robust bitter undertone and is the perfect tonic for a summer afternoon, watching the world go by in an Italian café.

Florence, Italy - birthplace of the Negroni Cocktail Recioe

Legend tells of a mysterious Florentine, Count Camillo Negroni, who in 1919 happened across the recipe for the Negroni cocktail.

It is said, Count Camillo asked his usual bartender at the Cassoni Café on the Via de’Tornabuoni in Florence for another age old classic, The Americano.

The Americano has ingredients are very similar to the Negroni cocktail, made up of Campari, sweet vermouth and soda water.

However, Count Camillo asked for his Americano to be stiffened by replacing the soda with gin.

The bartender, Fosco Scarselli, also took it upon himself to replace the lemon with orange and the Negroni cocktail recipe was born.

Probably without the best intentions, the Count created one of the world’s greatest ever cocktails.

Did You Know?

Campari claims to be the first spirit brand to be listed as a cocktail ingredient on the International Bartender Association’s list of official cocktails.

What to try next?

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