24 Wonderful Cocktail Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

The Negroni Cocktail Kit from The Cocktail Society's Cocktail Gifts range

Cocktail gifts are fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular gifting trends. Whether you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for the cocktail lover in your life, or simply looking for a fun gift option, our extensive list has you covered. We’ve listed our favourite cocktail gifts by price, find the best gift to […]

8 Best Negroni Recipes for Negroni Week

A woman holds a negroni sbagliato

Negroni Week is one of our favourite times of the year. Not only does it give us the excuse to drink delicious Negronis (like we needed one), but also to support local bars who are raising funds for charity. We run through the best Negroni recipes which you simply must try.   What is a […]

Low Calorie Cocktails: 5 Easy Ways to Reduce Calories in Drinks

Low Calorie Cocktails on a table

From switching certain types of foods, to upping your exercise, more and more of us are taking steps to become healthier. Reducing calories in cocktails is one of many ways you can contribute towards a healthier life. Here are a few tips to have up your sleeve for the next time you’re looking to make […]

11 Easy Champagne Cocktail Recipes to Impress Your Guests

Easy Champagne Cocktail Recipes - rows of glasses filled with rose champagne

As delicious as it is on its own, sparkling wine also makes for a great cocktail ingredient. Keep things simple next time you’re looking for easy Champagne cocktail recipes. We’ve compiled 11 of the quickest, simplest recipes guaranteed to give your social a bit of fizz.   Which Champagne Should I use in Champagne Cocktails? […]

What is the best Tequila? 10 Tequilas You Will Love

If all you think when you hear Tequila is shots, then think again. Tequila is so much more than waking up the next morning with a fuzzy head with a vague memory of shot glasses. But before we answer the question “What is the best Tequila?” there is a lot to learn, and love about […]

Best Bars in Birmingham: 24 Must Try Bars

The Best Bars in Birmingham

Birmingham is the largest city in the UK after London, but often gets forgotten when it comes to lists of the UK’s hottest night spots. We won’t get into whether Birmingham is officially the UK’s Second City (that’s a debate for another day) but instead focus on the variety of cocktail options on offer in […]

The Best Cocktail Making Kits


Cocktails making kits are the new gifting trend that has taken the UK by storm and continues to grow. It’s easy to see the appeal, cocktail making kits (or Cocktail gift sets) are a great way to give a gift. The prices points are varied and affordable, they are fun and who wouldn’t want to […]

The Best Craft Beer Taprooms In The UK


Want to tap into some of the best craft beer taprooms in the UK? We don’t blame you. The UK is the crafty beer-lovers paradise and where better to enjoy these bevvies than with the experts, and surrounded by like-minded fans? That’s where taprooms come in. Unlike pubs – which serve a range of spirits, […]

What Are Aperitifs and Digestifs? Everything you need to know

If you’ve ever been glancing through the drinks menu in a restaurant – or have been in a traditional French/Italian restaurant – then chances are you’ve have thought the question “what are aperitifs and digestifs?” These terms will usually have their own section on the drinks menu, but they are not just to provide a […]

Five Easy Alcohol Only Cocktails For Home

Here at The Cocktail Society it’s our mission to make cocktail culture more accessible to the world, one cocktail at a time. So it’s no surprise we love alcohol only cocktails. They’re easy to make, don’t require a ton of ingredients, and if made right can taste amazing. Our team have put together a list […]

The Best Gifts For Whisky Lovers


If you are looking for the best gifts for whisky lovers, then look no further! Our definitive whisky gift guide is full of whisky gift ideas for the whisky lover in your life.  From luxury pieces to whisky subscriptions and quirky cocktail kits, you’ll find the best whisky gifts around right here.  Our gifts for […]

The Best Bars In Manchester


Manchester has long been known for its music culture and thriving nightlife scene. You’ll find it hard to walk down a street within the city centre without passing a large arena, music venue, bar, pub, club, restaurant, cafe or basically everything else in between! While music has always been at the forefront of the Manchester […]

How To Make A Killer Bloody Mary


Oh, the Bloody Mary….the cocktail of folklore and the world’s excuse to drink alcohol for breakfast. We wax lyrical about the Negroni here a lot, but we have got to say the Bloody Mary transcends the boundaries of the perfect cocktail. Its power lies in its ability to morph into a drink for any palate. […]

What is a Bar Spoon?


Anyone who has seen a Bond movie will have heard the phrase ‘Shaken or stirred’. As much as we might be tempted to order a shaken martini, most bartenders will recommend that they are far better stirred down. To do this you’ll need a decent bar spoon. What is a Bar Spoon? A bar spoon […]