Pisco Sour Recipe

The national cocktail of Peru







The Pisco Sour is a one-of-a-kind cocktail, uses Peru’s national spirit as the key ingredient.

Pisco is a grape-based spirit that is extremely popular in South America, particularly across Chile and Peru. The Pisco Sours flavour is stong, citrusy and herbaceous. A delicious mix of sharp, tangy and sweet.

How to make the Pisco Sour Recipe


50ml Pisco

20ml Lime Juice

10ml Gomme

1 Egg White




Add 50ml Pisco, 20ml Lime Juice, 1 Egg White and 10ml Gomme to a shaker.

Fill with ice, then shake rigorously for 15-20 seconds.

Strain the mix into a martini glass


Expert Tip

For extra dense foam use the dry shake method. Follow the steps above but rather than adding ice to the shaker, shake without for 15-20 seconds first. Then add ice as normal and shake for a further 15-20 seconds. This is a classic professional bartending technique.

Where can I get Pisco for the Pisco Sour recipe?

Pisco is relatively widely available although you might struggle to get some at your local supermarket. It’s widely available online or at specialist alcohol retailers.

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