Mojito Cocktail Recipe

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50ml Rum
8 Mint Leaves
15ml Gomme
1 Whole Lime Cut Into 8
Dash Soda water

How to Make a Mojito Cocktail

Squeeze all but 1 wedge of the lime into a hi-ball glass ensuring you get all the lime juice out of each wedge.

Add the gomme and rum and add the mint and lightly bruise with a bar spoon to remove the oils (don’t over muddle though).

Add crushed ice to the top and mix all the contents fully. Add a crown of crushed ice and add a dash of soda water.


Mint Sprig & Lime Wedge

Tell Us About The Mojito Cocktail

The Mojito recipe is a world favourite invented in Cuba.  The Mojito is a popular cocktail due to its minty, fruity taste and light palate.

Like many cocktails, the true origins of the Mojito have been lost in the dawn of time.

The origin is heavily disputed though, particularly by La Bodeguita Del Medio in Havana, Cuba which claims to be the cocktail’s birthplace.

This is due to writer Ernest Hemingway (who also has another cocktail named after him) wrote “My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri in El Floridita” on the wall of the bar.

Unfortunately, renovations meant the bar’s famous scrawls were painted over recently, meaning the origin of the mojito is once again in dispute.

What we do know is that the name of the drink is fitting. Stemming from the word “Mojo”, meaning “to place a little spell”  who hasn’t been enchanted by this delicious cocktail?

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