The Best Gifts For Whisky Lovers

Explore our list of unique whisky gifts below that’ll leave you wondering why you’re giving them away!

If you are looking for the best gifts for whisky lovers, then look no further!

Our definitive whisky gift guide is full of whisky gift ideas for the whisky lover in your life.

From luxury pieces to whisky subscriptions and quirky cocktail kits, you’ll find the best whisky gifts around right here.

Our gifts for whisky lovers come in at every price, so whatever your budget, we’ve got you covered.


Best Whisky Gift Ideas

Old Fashioned Bottled Cocktail

Old Fashioned Bottled Cocktail

Make the ultimate Whisky cocktail at home with this classic whisky gift.

The Smoked Old Fashioned from The Society’s inaugural cocktail collection is a delight.

Batched and bottled by award-winning bartenders, using only the best ingredients available – the Smoked Old Fashioned Bottled Cocktail comes in 200ml and 500ml sizes.

Perfect for commemorating a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday, or even if you just want to make a whisky drinking session extra special.

No cocktail equipment is required – just add ice.

Sure to win over whiskey and cocktail lovers alike, it will sure to be one of your go-to gifts for whisky lovers.


Norlan Whisky Glass


Norlan Whisky Glass

This Norlan Whisky Glass is a lightweight, mouth-blown tumbler with a matte black finish.

Complete with a double glass wall, an aesthetic faceted base and a curved inner bowl, this glass has been cleverly designed to improve the whiskey drinking experience.

The most notable feature is the protrusion forms inside the glass, which allow a larger amount of ethanol to escape the whiskey when it’s swirled.

The result? A focused aroma and a truer expression of the whiskey’s flavours.

This feature is a Norlan Glass invention, meaning no other design has the same effect, so if you want to gift a whiskey glass, these ones are sure to impress.

While this matte black design is incredibly striking, opt for Norlan Glass’s equally luxurious clear tumblers to make the most of the double-wall feature.

At the premium end of our guide to gifts for whisky lovers, these Norlan Whisky Glasses will be a big hit as a whisky gift.


Regional Scotch Scented Candles


Scented Whisky Candles

Looking for whisky gift set ideas for the whisky lover who already has tons of actual whisky bottles?

Made up of an amalgamation of aromas found in scotch regions, Angels Share Glass’s scented candles bring a sense of your nostalgia to the die-hard scotch fan’s home.

Opt for Speyside for a winning winter combination of apple, pear and cinnamon notes.

Or choose the heather, fruitcake and apple scents that make up Angels Share Glass’s Highland candle and transport your friend to one of the UK’s most beautiful regions.

Hand-poured in Scotland and made from 100% soy wax, the eco-conscious vegans will love this one too!

These are slightly quirky gifts for whisky lovers as well as being high quality and delicious smelling whisky gift.


Idyll Home Rolling Glasses


Rolling Whisky Glasses

These rolling whiskey glasses are pretty special.

They have a rounded bottom that rolls on a flat surface which are pretty cool.

But the important thing here is that they are ideal for whiskey because they aerate the liquid due to their wide opening at the top and movement of the glass.

This is an important feature as introducing oxygen to alcohol changes the flavour profile and brings previously muted character out of the liquid.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find other gifts for whisky lovers which are as stunning as these glasses.


Whisky Ice Ball Moulds


Graham and Green Ice Balls Mould

Ice balls melt slowly, ensuring the first sip of every drink tastes as good as the last.

So, rid your friend of over-diluted whisky and get them these large Graham and Green ice ball moulds.

While they’re an affordable, no-frills gift, these whiskey ball moulds are a present any whiskey-drinker will undeniably appreciate.

Also, you’ve got to admit, the sphere-shaped ice makes drinks look pretty Instagram-able.


Unique Whisky Gifts for Whisky Lovers

Aspinal of London Hip Flask


Aspinal Hip Flask

During the 1700s, women would smuggle booze onto British warships in pigs’ bladders.

Fast forward to America’s prohibition era and animal bladders have been replaced with thin curved metal hip flasks and these have now found their way into the urban gentleman’s (or the ‘hipster’s), pocket.

While it’s no longer necessary to be so discreet with our alcohol consumption, today, the hip flask is an iconic and trendy possession that is often treasured and passed down through families.

While curved designs are the most common (and the ideal shape for sneaking your favourite tipple into events), there are plenty of newer, less common designs to choose from.

Made from stainless steel wrapped in Italian calf leather, this cylindrical shaped Aspinal of London flask is completed with a set of two cups and a personalised screw lid.

The epitome of luxury, this most unique whisky gift is the perfect milestone birthday, bridal party or congratulatory present.


Elegant and Refined Copper-Plated Mixing Jug Set


Copper Mixing Gift

This whisky mixing set is an essential addition to any bartender’s kitchen.

Including a double-ended jigger; a weighty, thick-walled mixing pitcher; an elegant Japanese mixing spoon and a copper-plated strainer, this decorative copper set contains everything necessary for a kitchen cocktail party.

Adopting a classic, prohibition-era style and finished with a sleek black gift box, this mixing set is bound to stun both the novice mixologist and the professional.

This set is perfect to make some delicious whisky cocktails such as an Old Fashioned cocktail.

Unsure what these tools are? Find out more about what a bar spoon is used for and how mixologists use cocktail strainers in our guide to cocktail terminology.


Delicious and Tasty Whiskey Barrel-Aged Coffee


Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee

Sometimes we have to wake up and smell the coffee. But how much happier would your whisky-loving pal be if said coffee actually smelled like whiskey?

Yep, you read that right. Ovenbird Coffee has created a barrel-aged coffee that adopts an intense whiskey aroma.

The Cocktail Society are big fans of this coffee due to the attention to detail in the making of it and that it could take your Espresso Martini to the next level.

The Whisky Barrel coffee by Ovenbird Coffee Roasters is aged in freshly emptied whisky barrels from Auchentoshan distillery and Laphroaig Distillery from Islay in Scotland.

The beans are hand-rotated daily to ensure all the coffee comes into contact with the oak barrel over the course of several weeks. After which they roast and bag it up.

So, if you want to give someone a whisky gift they’ll love, then look no further than this epic gift for the whisky lover in your life.


Whisky Gift Sets

Classy and Sophisticated LSA Tumbler and Decanter Set

LSA International | Cask Whisky Set Clear 1 Decanter + 2 Glasses

LSA Tumbler and Decanter Set

A decanter and tumbler set is one of the best whisky gifts you can buy someone and this beauty from LSA is one of the best.

Elegant, delicate and unique are just three of the words we could use to describe these delicious whisky glasses and decanter.

The design is clean and simple, which oozes quality but will sit nicely in any well designed space.

This is a stunning whisky gift, that would look beautiful in anyone’s home. Elegant and refined, these gifts for whisky lovers don’t get much more luxe than this.


Best Whisky Gift Set: The Cocktail Society Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit


Old Fashioned Cocktail Making Kit

The best whisky gifts combine delicious taste with an unforgettable experience.

This delicious cocktail gift set allows you to create bar quality cocktails in the comfort of your own home.

The Old Fashioned is the most popular whisky cocktail in the world, making this the perfect buy for any whisky afficionado.

This kit comes in a presentation box with all of the ingredients to make 4 Old Fashioned Whisky cocktails plus a piece of cocktail-making equipment.

Perfect for a weekend away or relaxing evening where you want to enjoy some whisky tasting and cocktail making activities.

This gift comes beautifully packaged with all the ingredients needed to make the cocktail, a giant ice ball mould, a tasty chocolate bar from the team at Gnaw and a recipe card.

This is one of the best whisky gifts for whisky lovers.

Find Out More Old Fashioned Cocktail Making Kit

Glass Water Dropper Whisky Gift Set


Whisky Diluting Dropper

The father half of Angels Share Glass’s father-daughter team has been awarded an MBE for his glass-blowing techniques, and these skills are best demonstrated in this delicate glass water dropper whisky gift set.

Choose from a variety of unique handmade designs, including a pot still, an angel or a thistle.

This personal present is the perfect gift for the passionate whisky connoisseur and having been given the royal nod, there’s no way your friend won’t be impressed by them.


Personalised Whisky Gifts

Unique Whisky Gift: Personalised Whiskey Wood Cufflinks


Personalised Whisky Barrel Cufflinks

Cufflinks crafted from whisky barrels? Yes, please!

These unusual cufflinks are created from whisky wood that has been set in silver.

Made from unique pieces of wood, no two pairs of are the same.

Choose from nine different brands of whisky barrel, including The Macallan, Highland Park and Jack Daniels, and personalise each piece with initials, an icon or a number.

These unique whisky gifts are perfect for celebrating a milestone birthday, congratulating a friend for getting that dream job or asking your best mate to play a part in your wedding.

For an extra £2, personalise the wooden placard included in the stylish black gift box with your choice of Stag Design’s pre-written messages. For example:

‘Thank you for giving her away’ or ‘Thank you for paying for the wedding’.

Premium Whisky Gift Ideas: Whisky Membership

Whisky Me Whisky Subscription


Whisky Me Subscription

Whisky Me is a clever whisky subscription that opens up a world of whisky to its members as well as being affordable.

Choose from one of their subscription options which include Traditional, Discover and Adventure, with prices per month starting at £7.

Each subscription is tailored to your tastes:

Traditional focuses on your typical scotch whiskies

Discovery is for those wanting to taste different styles from all over the world

Adventure is a mix of scotch and world whisky.

The benefit of Whisky Me is clear – it’s an affordable way to try new whiskies and discover your new favourite dram.

As far as gifts for whisky lovers go, this is one of our favourites.


Craft Whisky Club


Craft Whisky Club

If only you could hire some sort of personal shopper to pick out the best whiskies from the most passionate, artisan whiskey-makers.

Oh, wait… you can!

Promising great whiskies that can’t be found on the high street and deliver straight to their customers’ doors, Craft Whisky Club does all the hard work for you.

Club membership includes a choice of two hampers that are delivered every two months.

The smaller hamper is made up of one bottle of whiskey and pairing foods, while the larger doubles up on the whiskey front.

The frequency of this gift ensures no whiskey lover runs dry and no gift-giver misses a birthday.

Another one of our gifts for whisky lovers that will get you kudos.


Unique Whisky Activities

Memorable Whisky Gifts: A Day at Whiskey School


The Whisky Lounge

Experience gifts are ideal for that friend or family member who seems to have everything.

When it comes to the whisky fans, what greater an experience than this unique whisky gift of day learning about their favourite spirit?

With one of The Whisky Lounge’s experts on hand to teach them all about the world’s most complex spirit, students here learn about the history of whisky, how whisky is made, wood maturation and much more.

Including a whisky tasting class and the opportunity to blend their own whisky, attendees will receive a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience throughout the day.

Every student will leave whiskey school with a certificate, a miniature of their blended whisky and the ability to talk more confidently on a topic that interests them.

This present is perfect for anyone who indulges in whisky-related chat, as well as those who could do with a little help in this region too.

Welsh Whisky Distillery Masterclass

Penderyn Distillery

Whilst Scotland is rightly known as the home of whisky, you shouldn’t count out Wales as there are a number of fantastic distilleries here.

Our team went over to the Brecon Beacons to check out the Penderyn distillery masterclass.

Distiller Gillian Howell’s fun and informative guided tour and Irish, bourbon and rye tastings went down a total treat.

Plus, there’s Welsh cakes, which make everything better!

A brilliant day out, we’d recommend this as a unique whisky gift to any whisky enthusiasts.


Whisky Tasting Room


Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop & Tasting Room is an experience every whisky lover should try.

Located in Mary-le-bone, London, with a wealth of experience and knowledge behind them – 25 years, if you love knowing the numbers.

The team here are well-equipped to answer all their guests’ whisky queries as well as offering fun and adventurous tasting classes.

If you’re looking to learn more about whisky or are a seasoned pro looking to explore the best whisky products available, the team have the perfect session for you.

One of the perfect whisky gifts for whisky lovers.

Find out more


The Ultimatey Whisky Experience

Scottish Whisky Distillery Tour

Glendronach Distillery

GlenDronach is a heavy and robust spirit renowned for its deep colour, complex character and depth of taste and its Highlands’ GlenDronach Distillery is one of the first-ever licensed distilleries.

Using the same whisky-making techniques for the last 200 years, a tour of this Scottish distillery is nothing short of fascinating.

The classic tour allows you to sample three of their classic whiskies, accompanied with handmade chocolate truffles, whilst the sherry masterclass covers how GlenDronach has cultivated the art of sherry cask maturation since 1826.

Donned the ‘masters of sherry cask maturation’, any whisky fanatic will learn a lot from these whisky pioneers.


Whisky Gift Ideas Reviewed

There you have it! The ultimate whisky gift lover’s guide. We hope we’ve inspired you with our whisky gift collection. Don’t forget to check out our fathers day cocktail hamper too for that special day containing bourbon whiskey. If there is something more of a professional setting, we also have corporate gift ideas.

To learn more about all things whisky, keep up to date with the latest from The Cocktail Society, read our latest news, or check out our cocktail recipes that will delight and inspire.