French Martini Recipe








French Recipe Ingredients

25ml Vodka (Raspberry work well)
25ml Chambord
50ml Pineapple Juice
3 Raspberries

How To Make A French Martini Cocktail

Add the raspberries into the cocktail shaker.

Measure the rest of the ingredients and add them to the cocktail shaker.

Add cubed ice, shake and strain into a martini glass.



Tell Us About The French Martini Cocktail

The French Martini is probably just about a modern classic. By this we mean yes its modern but is it a classic. It’s hugely popular that’s for sure and could be grouped in with the Disco Cocktail category (think Cosmopolitan, Sex On The Beach and Pina Coladas). It was said to be invented in New York at one of famous restauranteur Keith McNallys venues in the 1980’s, after which it appeared for certain on the menu of his SoHo haunt Balthazar.

As you would expect, the French Martini recipe made its way across the pond to London and became a stalwart cocktail of the ’90s and 2000s in a great many bars including the Met Bar and The Living Room chain.

Our recipe above is a slight variation on the classic, we add fresh raspberries to the cocktail to extract the fresh juice and add a slight sour note to balance the cocktail.

Expert Tip

When you shake pineapple juice it produces a thick rich foam, a bit like you might get in a sours cocktail (with egg whites or aquafaba). When making any drinks that shake pineapple juice exercise caution if increasing ingredients to make two or more cocktails in one shaker – you must be sure there is enough room for the liquid expansion. Most shakers can do two comfortably.

The other thing to remember is the liquid will hit the glass first when pouring so be sure to take the time to allow all the foam into the glass as this gives a showstopping foamy head that you can garnish.

Did You Know?

It’s named the French Martini due to the inclusion of the french blackberry liqueur Chambord into the recipe.

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