Caipirinha Recipe

Learn how to make the Caipirinha recipe, a hidden gem from Brazil and one of the simplest cocktails you'll ever make.


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What Is The Caipirinha Recipe?

The Caipirinha recipe is essential in any bartender’s repertoire – home or professional. Brazil’s national drink is simple and delicious. As you know we rate simplicity and deliciousness very highly on our scale of good things and this Caipirinha recipe delivers.

The key to success here is procuring cachaca (Brazil’s national spirit). It’s not the sort of thing you’ll find down your local Tescos and will need to be bought online at a specialist drinks retailer, such as our bottle shop.

the other thing that is really important is crushed ice. Ice is ice right? To be honest no. Some recipes call for cubed ice and some for crushed with good reason. Crushed ice cools drinks faster and dilutes faster. This is NOT a bad thing. The dilution in a Caiparinha is needed to balance the flavours and help meld them together. Trust us!

How to Make The Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe


50ml Cachaca

5-10ml Sugar Syrup (sweeten to taste)

1 Lime


Cut the lime into wedges (approximately 6 wedges), add it to a wide base tumbler with the sugar syrup and muddle gently to release the lime juice. Add the cachaca to the tumbler and top with crushed ice. Churn (vigorous stirring) the cocktails to make sure all of the ingredients and lime wedges are well mixed throughout the liquid. Top with a little more crushed ice and garnish.

If you don’t have crushed ice then follow the steps above but in a shaker tin. Add cubed ice instead of crushed and shake. Pour the cocktail into your tumbler and garnish.


Lime Wedges

Why Do We Love The Caipirinha?

The Caipirinha is ridiculously easy to make and tastes so good. It’s citrusy, zest and very balanced with sugar. Cachacas flavour is really unique too and works so well with citrus. It’s got similarities to rum but has slightly earthier and vegetal flavours. We think if you try a Caipirinha you will not look back.


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