Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

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Bloody Mary Cocktail Ingredients

60ml Vodka
120ml Tomato Juice
8 Drops Tabasco Sauce
4 Dashes Worcester Sauce
15ml Fresh Lemon Juice
Freshly ground sea salt
Freshly ground pepper

How to make a Bloody Mary Cocktail

Combine all alcohol ingredients in an iced cocktail shaker.

Roll the ingredients between two shakers.

Not sure what rolling means? Check our our ultimate bar terminology guide.

Strain into an iced Collins glass and garnish.

Tell us About The Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

Often seen as “the morning after” cocktail to get you going after a big night out, don’t let this stereotype demean the name of the Bloody Mary, it’s a spectacular cocktail.

Equally good as a virgin (non-alcoholic) version depending on the time of day, this is a cocktail which will never get old.

Like so many classic cocktails, the origins can be traced back to Harry’s New York Bar in Paris in the 1920s.

Harry's New York Bar in Paris, birthplace of the Bloody Mary cocktail recipe

Bartenders were experimenting with vodka to please the rush of Russian immigrants leaving the country due to the Russian revolution.

Apparently named after Mary Tudor, one of the key reasons this cocktail is so popular is that it’s easy to amend to suit many different taste buds.

You can take your spice, add more Tabasco sauce to make hotter. Equally, if you can’t handle the heat, request less. The recipe below is mild, so adapt to suit you.

You like it with plenty of bitterness, simply add more lemon juice.

The look for the cocktail, add more garnishes with anything you want.

What to try next

Once you’ve tried the classic Bloody Mary cocktail recipe, take your home bartending to the next level with our Ultimate Bloody Mary variation.

Created by our team over at The Cocktail Service for a brunch launch event for Country Life magazine, this is the real deal.

Expert Tip

Get creative with your garnish.

When we’re working events as The Cocktail Service, we usually garnish with bacon, sea salt, pepper and celery.

However we’re even served with sausages and scrambled egg.

Depending on when you are drinking your Bloody Mary, you can go to town on the garnish.

You will see so many different garnishes on Instagram, so search on there to get some inspiration.

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