The April Cocktail Club Unboxing

Aprils cocktail society members box is packed full of stunning cocktails and snacks.

Another month goes by and another absolute banger of a subscription box is being sent out to our lucky members. We have royalty in our midst with Kyngs Gin as the star in one of our DIY cocktails, as well as the s-mooooo-thest vodka around in Black Cow Vodka in the other (don’t look at me like that – I couldn’t help it).

Our limited editions are packed full of flavour and ready to blow your taste buds away. We have an Apple & Thyme Martini alongside an in house special – ‘Ward off…Old Spirits’.

Now is the time to join our cocktail family as we are running a special discount on your first box. Just enter APRIL50% at checkout for a half price cocktail subscription! Our April box is now live so head on over to our subscription page to become part of the best cocktail subscription in the UK. Or if you’re wanting to find out more before signing up then head over to our Facebook Page, where we post competitions, polls, Q&A’s and more!


April’s DIY Cocktails

Kyngs Collins


With King Charles’ coronation coming up on 6th May, who better to lead the way in our first DIY cocktail this month than Kyngs gin? A wonderful tag line of ‘You are the Kyng, and this is your Kyngdom’ encapsulates what this spirit is all about, being the leader, the forefront of any drink, and we absolutely love it. Paired with Rhubarb Syrup from William Fox, an Amalfi Lime Tonic from Artisan Drinks, and a little squeeze of lime, we think we’ve created the perfect cocktail to enjoy this magnificent gin. Cheers!


Strawberry & Black Pepper Spritz


Fresher than new bed sheets, this spritz cocktail is a beaut. Strawberries are back on the menu and we couldn’t be happier with how our spritz cocktail has turned out. Black Cow Vodka (the most beautifully smooth vodka on the planet) is made using the whey from milk production with a secret recipe to boot!  Their slogan “So smooth you can drink it till the cows come home” couldn’t be more true and we love it. Canvino join them in our second DIY and their sparkling white wine compliments the vodka brilliantly with a delicate tartness and a cheeky little fizz. Fancy a quick prosecco on the train home or a long taxi journey? These are your guys!


Bottled Cocktails

Ward Off Old Spirits

Our first bottled cocktail is the Ward Off…Old Spirits, an aged rum and velvet falernum cocktail is a delicious and sophisticated drink that is perfect for sipping on a warm evening. Duppy Share rum used in this cocktail is typically a darker, more flavorful variety that has been aged for a number of years in oak barrels. This gives the rum a rich, complex flavour with notes of vanilla, caramel, and spice. Our resident drinks specialist Charlotte came up with this beauty (and all of the other limited editions!) and she’s smashed it out of the park.

Apple and Thyme Martini

If rum isn’t to your liking, the alternative is the Apple and Thyme Martini. This gin-based limited edition is earthy, fruity, sour and sweet all in one. If you love those British, homegrown flavours then this would have been the one for you! We love simplicity here at The Cocktail Society and this epitomises that completely.


Friends Of The Club RTD Of The Month


Whitebox Cocktails Pocket Negroni

Have you ever looked at a can and thought it was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your life? If your answer is no, buy one of these. If your answer is yes, then buy one of these anyway, they’re bloody delicious. Negroni’s aren’t to everyone’s taste but Whitebox seem to have curated one for the masses here and will test anyone’s resolve if they say they don’t like Negroni’s!


Snacks Of The Month

Mr Stanley’s

Whoever thought of Espresso Martini inspired fudge is an ABSOLUTE GENIUS – and our members told us as much too! Pretty sure the whole office put on half a stone through our addiction to these things. Melt-in-the-mouth indulgent, Mr Stanley’s fudge is a must for a little treat for yourself or as a gift to a loved one. Go on, have a little treat this week…


Popcorn Shed  

Movie popcorn at home – Popcorn BOSH. Settle down with this month’s subscription box, whack your favourite movie on, sip your cocktail and enjoy Popcorn Shed’s sweet and salty delights (the best of both!) . Their flavours go from birthday cake to pecan pie so everyone will find something they love!


Don’t forget the member’s perks!

Shh. Can you keep a secret?

Society members get access to a range of perks including discounts on the brands featured in the April  2023 box and exciting tasting events with our partners, and COMING SOON will be an all new online store with a members discount…


When is the next box?

May’s cocktail discovery box cut off is midnight on 20th May, so don’t miss out! We will be shipping the boxes over the following 7 days. 
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