The May Cocktail Club Unboxing

Aprils cocktail society members box is packed full of stunning cocktails and snacks.

We’re getting excited here at Cocktail Society HQ as May means one thing – SUMMER COCKTAILS! Expect some exciting new drinks coming your way over the next few months and May’s subscription box is just a teaser of what’s to come! Collaborating with a fantastic local Oxfordshire brand, Gin in a Tin, & one from across the pond, Montanya Rum, our DIY’s are sure to show you a couple of new cocktails to add to your list.

Now is the time to join our cocktail family as we are running a special discount on your first box. Just head to our website to find out more! Our June box is now live so head on over to our subscription page to become part of the best cocktail subscription in the UK and grab yourself a box, or if you’re wanting to find out more before signing up then head over to our Facebook Page, where we post competitions, polls, Q&A’s and more!

May’s DIY Cocktails

Grapefruit & Rosemary Greyhound


We love local and for us, we can’t get much more local than Gin in a Tin. It also helps that their enormous range has a plethora of botanicals used (and their gin bangs!). Unbeknownst to us, the CEO Martin and I have crossed paths in the industry for some time but have only just met, which means we had to work together on the subscription!

The Pomegranate, Raspberry & Cardamom expression of their gin lends itself so well to many other ingredients, and pairs beautifully with grapefruit’s citrus flavour, and was a no-brainer to include in a DIY cocktail for our wonderful members. We’ve also thrown in homemade Rosemary Syrup to go with this one, which we hope you all enjoy.


Blackberry Rum Sour 


Who doesn’t love a sour? Thick, foamy, sweet, sour, boozy, they have everything! Some of the members that have been with us for some time may notice Montanya Rum, as we have used their Exclusiva rum before, but this time it’s the turn of their Platino expression.

Our friends from UK based Skylark Spirits, and Montanya Rum from across the pond, certainly know what they’re doing with their rums and we’re so excited to bring this to our members for May!


Bottled Cocktails


Nimbu Pani Margarita

Our first bottled cocktail is our in-house special take on an Indian lemonade called Nimbu Pani. You can find a recipe online to make this lemonade and I would highly recommend you do so! Until then though, this margarita will have to do for those lucky subscribers who chose the margarita as their bottle, they are in for a treat!

The alternative is a delicate Peach & Rose martini, which is another in-house creation made by our resident genius Charlotte! Gin and peach liqueur based, this martini cocktail is to be enjoyed in the sun, on a lounger and next to a pool (if you can!).



Rose & Peach Martini

The alternative is a delicate Rose & Peach martini, which is another in-house creation made by our resident genius Charlotte! Gin and peach liqueur based, with floral accents of rose, this martini cocktail is to be enjoyed in the sun, on a lounger and next to a pool (if you can!).


Friends Of The Club RTD Of The Month



Niche Bramble 

The Bramble is an iconic modern classic cocktail that was created in London. Niche’s version does the original justice with a moreish blend of gin, blackberry liquere and a citrus zing. Absolutely perfect for the summer ahead.


Snacks Of The Month

Mighty Fine



Whoever thought of Espresso Martini inspired fudge is an ABSOLUTE GENIUS – and our members told us as much too! Pretty sure the whole office put on half a stone through our addiction to these things. Melt-in-the-mouth indulgent, Mr Stanley’s fudge is a must for a little treat for yourself or as a gift to a loved one. Go on, have a little treat this week…


Fellow Creatures Vegan Chocolate


Fellow Creatures are purveyors of high quality rich indulgent vegan chocolates that have rich, intense and creamy flavours that are dairy free yet delicious. Fellow creatures have an ethos focused on unconditional kindness and fair treatment of others including animals and these honeycombed bars are absolutely delicious.


Don’t forget the member’s perks!

Shh. Can you keep a secret?

Society members get access to a range of perks including discounts on the brands featured in the June 2023 box and exciting tasting events with our partners, and COMING SOON will be an all new online store with a members discount…


When is the next box?

June’s cocktail discovery box cut off is midnight on 20th June, so don’t miss out! We will be shipping the boxes over the following 7 days. 
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