The Best Subscription Gifts This Christmas

Our guide to the best subscription box gifts to give at Christmas.

Christmas is coming fast and it’s that time of the year again when you either smash your Christmas shopping out of the park or (if you are like me at least) leave everything until 48 hours before the big day.

As a little helping hand, we have put together a list of the very best subscription gifts out there.

Do Subscription Gifts Make Good Presents?

Subscriptions are great gifts. On the whole, you can choose a gift that’s in your price range as most subscriptions have a number of different options. They are also the gift that keeps giving. Receiving a box every month comes with a level of excitement that’s hard to convey. It’s like getting regular presents through the post…who wouldn’t like that? They are also, on the whole, remarkably good value. we know from experience that most subscription box companies work really hard to park their monthly offerings full of value.



Best Cocktail Subscription Box: The Cocktail Society

Don’t just take our word for it, we were noted by both GQ and BBC Good Food as the best cocktail subscription in the UK.

The boxes are shipped monthly or 3 monthly and are packed to the rafters with delicious, full-strength cocktails. A mix of DIY cocktails for the experimental and ready-to-drink cocktails for a quick fix, our cocktail box is perfect for the cocktail lover wanting to discover new cocktails they won’t have tasted anywhere else.

As well as a minimum of 10 cocktails per box, we also include collectable recipe cards, snacks and access to a huge database of recipes and content to make more cocktails at home like a pro.bscription gifts don’t get much better.


Best Cheese Subscription: The Cheese Geek

Indulge in a world of cheesy delights with a Cheese Geek subscription gift! Say goodbye to bland cheese and hello to a gourmet adventure that will introduce you to a world of cheese discovery.

With Cheese Geek, you’ll receive a carefully curated selection of artisanal cheeses delivered right to your doorstep. Each month, our experts handpick the finest cheeses from around the world, ensuring a diverse and beaut tasting experience.

Discover unique textures, flavours, and aromas that will impress even the most discerning cheese connoisseur. Our subscription also includes detailed tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and the fascinating stories behind each cheese, making it an educational and enjoyable experience for food enthusiasts of all levels.

So if you have a cheese lover in the family then look no further than this subscription.


Best Coffee Subscription: Rave Coffee

Know someone who needs a caffeine fix before they can function each morning? If so, we think a Rave Coffee subscription gift is the perfect way forward. They offer a traditional or a discovery coffee subscription and you can pick your coffee type (bean, cafetiere, filter or espresso) and what frequency suits you. The coffee in their own words has no BS.

They make sure they deal with the small details such as super fresh coffee, paying more for the beans to ensure they get the best coffee beans they can and ensuring the farmers they work with operate in a sustainable manner.

Rave Coffee has a great range of other gifts too beyond their subscription gifts.


Best Chocolate Subscription: Love Cocoa

Every single one of us knows a chocolate addict. And if even you don’t know an addict, who doesn’t love chocolate? Introducing Love Cocoa, a brand that has heritage and great taste in spades. Although a relatively new chocolate company, the founder James Cadbury, yep you guessed it, is the great great great grandson of the founder of Cadbury chocolate.

There is substance behind the story though – Love Cocoa is a great product with beaut packaging…the absolute dream.

The subscription itself is a discovery box that is shipped every month and contains 21 truffles with a range of delicious flavours plus a 75g bar of chocolate.


Best Sock Subscription: The London Sock Exchange

The London Sock Exchange is a super unique, and frankly useful gift. Sending a cool pair of well made socks out every quarter, this is a gift we’d love to receive. Socks are one of those things that are an afterthought for many people but the London Sock Exchange solves this problem. A great gifts for the person that has everything.

The thing we love the most is the fact you can return your old, unwanted and hole filled socks to the LSE and they will handle the recycling. Legends.


Best Wine Subscription: Savage Vines

Do you have a friend who likes wine but doesn’t have a clue? Enter the Savage Vines Wine Subscription gift, where wine isn’t just a drink, it’s a lifestyle upgrade.

Picture this: every month, a handpicked selection of fine wines arrives at your loved one’s doorstep like a liquid treasure chest….you’ll get serious kudos with a Savage Vines subscription gifts.

Gift an exploration of the world of wine, one bottle at a time. The wines are great, often coming from small and unique producers from regions you wouldn’t necessarily associate with great wine such as Bulgaria, Lebanon and Austria.

The wine club sends you white, red or a mixed case of up to 12 wines monthly for as long as you want to gift it – 3, 6 or 12 months.


Best Gadget Subscription: Gadget Discovery Club

You either love gadgets or you hate them. The ones that love them can now receive a super innovative subscription gift that will send you gadgets each month for a frequency you set. You can also specify the level of geekiness of the intended recipient. The club will then curate the monthly box based on your set requirements…pretty awesome huh?

As far as subscription gifts go this one is pretty out of the ordinary.