The Cocktail Society’s January 2023 Cocktail Subscription. Celebrate The New Year With Us!

Discover new cocktail flavours with The Cocktail Society's December 2022 cocktail discovery box

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Welcome to January 2023 society family!

The New Year is upon us and our expert mixologists have curated winning mix of drinks and snacks to welcome 2023 with January’s cocktail discovery box.

Featuring the oldest spirit in the world reimagined from the Baijiu Society and a new concept that we’d like you to try out, our DIY cocktails of the month are simply divine!

January’s box is worth £69 but of course our Society members get all of this, plus member perks for only £40.

If you’re thinking of joining our Society of cocktail lovers, now is the time! Our January box is now live so head on over to our subscription page to become part of the family!

DIY Cocktails

Yuzu & Blood Orange Collins

Yuzu Baijiu is the main character in the first of our DIY cocktails this month. The oldest spirit in the world has been brought to life by The Baijiu Society and we can’t wait to see what you think of it in this fragrant and delicate cocktail.

Cranberry & Elderflower Martini

Using Gibson’s organic elderflower liqueur, we have created a delicious cocktail with this as the star of the show. We’re looking forward to the summer already with our second DIY and I’m sure our members will be too!


Limited Edition Bottled Cocktails

Gold rush or Hot Toddy / Almond & Sloe Martini 500ml Bottled Cocktail












Our members are spoilt for choice with these two fantastic member exclusive limited edition flavours in our first cocktail discovery box of the year 2023!

Our first bottled cocktail is the Gold Rush or Hot Toddy (depending on how you choose to enjoy it!), which is a nod to Hot toddy day this month. Warming you up on these cold nights, the Hot Toddy is the classic of all classics and we’re sure our members will love this one!

Or you could choose the Almond & Sloe Martini. This is up there with one of the best limited edition bottles that we’ve done and we cannot wait for our members to get their hands on it! If you haven’t signed up yet, then this is the reason to!


Ready to Drink Cocktail of the Month

Deap Water Pear & Thyme Hard Seltzer














You may not have heard of Deap Water UK yet, but it’s time to take note. They are makers of fun, fruity, refreshing sparkling waters & alcoholic hard seltzers using local Suffolk Spring Water. Their Pear & Thyme canned cocktail works beautifully and is a great option for drinking cocktails at home.


January’s Snacks

Made for Drinks

Made for Drink Salami Chips Made for Pilsner 30g - Harvey Nichols















The clue is in the name, these salami chips are perfect for a little snack whilst enjoying your favourite tipple (trust me, we’ve tried it). Once you’ve tried them, you’ll be hitting your nearest supermarket for more from the Made for drink team!


 H!P Chocolate













Oat milk chocolate I hear you say? That’s right, oat milk. Possibly one of the creamiest chocolate bars we’ve tried for a long time, we couldn’t believe it! The gingerbread pieces add a subtle flavour and a lovely crunch to H!p’s limited edition choccy.


Free Gift

Feragaia & Ginger Ale  












Here’s one for those of you doing dry Jan, or just want to try a fantastic non-alcoholic drink. Feragaia have crafted a flavoursome and unique spirit, which works equally as well with ginger ale or tonic. It’s neither an imitation vodka or gin, it has it’s own identity, which will definitely leave you wondering where to get another!

Epic work!


Don’t forget the members perks!

Shh. Can you keep a secret?

Society members get access to a range of perks including discounts on the brands featured in the January 2023 box and exciting tasting events with our partners. Keep your eyes peeled for the next tasting event announcement!

We’ll be running competitions on all of our socials but to gain the first insight, join our Facebook Page, The Cocktail Social!

When is the next box?

This month’s cocktail discovery box ships on the 23rd, so you have until midnight on the 20th, to join our Society of cocktail lovers.
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