March 2023 Cocktail Subscription Box

March ‘s box is here and we’re really excited about this one…

Spring has now sprung and we can start to enjoy those lighter and longer evenings, sipping cocktails and dreaming of summer. To help you out, our subscription boxes have just landed and they’re full of refreshing drinks and moreish snacks to enjoy! This month we have come up with a couple of drinks to pay our tributes to International Womens day and the great women of the drinks industry as well as a St. Patricks Day limited edition!

March’s box is worth £69 but of course our Society members get all of this, plus member perks for only £40!

If you’re thinking of joining our Society of cocktail lovers, now is the time! Our April box is now live so head on over to our subscription page to become part of the family! Or if you’re wanting to find out more before signing up then head over to our Facebook Page, where we post competitions, polls, Q&A’s and more!

DIY Cocktails

Coconut & Hibiscus B-Rum-Ble 

Our team have paired up with a couple of brands on this one to pay tribute to International Womens Day. The first is Diablesse Rum, who are the first solely female owned rum brand in the UK! Business founder Cleo Farman & team has created a brilliant range of rums with differing flavours, which are equally delicious and work brilliantly in cocktails. Secondly we have White Heron with their British made Cassis, who are owned by Jo Hilditch who leads their magnificent team to create this epic blackberry liqueur! This is a little Rum twist on a classic bramble and we love it so hope our members do too!

Gin Sipper 

The Gin Sipper is a bespoke cocktail made by Will that heads up our subscription service and as the name states, it’s a delightful little number that will have you sipping away with content! Cross Keys Gin & Bramley and Gage combine on this one and continue our tradition of aiming to use UK based companies with real, quality spirits. The botanical gin from Cross Keys is herbal, smooth and perfect for cocktails, with tonic or simply over ice on it’s own. Bramley and Gage comes to us courtesy of 6 O’clock Gin and quite possibly could be the best dry vermouth we’ve tasted for a long time! Depth of flavour and a lovely sweet finish means this could have endless possibilities!

Limited Edition Bottled Cocktails

Penicillin & Hanky Panky 

Couple of classic cocktails for March and they’re both bloody beautiful!

Our first bottled cocktail is the Hanky Panky, a historical cocktail created by Ada Cole, the first female head bartender of The Savoy. She created the cocktail for Sir Charles Hawtrey, a celebrated Georgian actor who frequented the establishment. He would often tell Ada (aka Coley) that he was tired after a long day and wanted a drink with a real ‘punch in it’ so she got thinking. Ada came up with a new recipe and claimed that Hawtrey sipped it and said ‘By Jove! That is the real hanky-panky!’” The name stuck.

If the Hanky Panky isn’t to your liking, the alternative is the Penicillin. No, not the pain killer…This cocktail was created by bartender Sam Ross in 2005 at the Milk & Honey bar in New York City. Our twist on the Penicillin cocktail has a unique flavor profile, with notes of caramel and toasted oak from the Irish whisky, a sweet flavour coming from the apple juice and a lovely fiery kick coming from the ginger. It has become a popular cocktail choice for those who enjoy complex and well-balanced drinks.

Ready to Drink Cocktail of the Month

Duppy Share Pink Ting-a-Ling

WE LOVE RUM. Duppy share, the Jamaican white rum, produced by grime superstar Kano, combines with sparkling grapefruit and a squidge of lime, for a cocktail appealing to the eyes, nose and tastebuds!

March’s Snacks


Olives. Basil. Garlic. Is there a better combination of 3 ingredients? We love these little gems from the team at OLOVES and hope you do too! Back in 2007, foodie and founder, Matt Hunt and his wife, Hayley, began looking for a fresh, natural and healthy snack. Something that was simple and tasty, but different from everything else. At their local market they saw tubs of ripe, plump, local-grown olives – and the light bulb went on and OLOVES was born.

Munchy Seeds 

THE MOST MOREISH THINGS IN THE WORLD. Honestly, these are awesome. Hats off to Munchy Seeds for this flavour, I could eat about 100 packs of these one after another! Established in sunny Suffolk by Husband & Wife duo, Lucinda and Crispin, they have been toasting, roasting and flavouring different seed blends in small batches to become the UK’s no.1 artisan seed specialists since 1999.

Don’t forget the members perks!

Shh. Can you keep a secret?

Society members get access to a range of perks including discounts on the brands featured in the March  2023 box and exciting tasting events with our partners, and COMING SOON will be an all new online store with a members discount…

When is the next box?

April’s cocktail discovery box cut off is midnight on 20th April, so don’t miss out! We will be shipping the boxes over the following 7 days. 
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