What Are The Most Popular Cocktails?

Cocktails are gaining more and more popularity and more of us seem to be broadening our horizons to try our hands at cocktail making at home.

And it’s never been easier – there are a huge amount of resources online from recipes to how-to videos as well as opportunities to take part in virtual and live cocktail masterclasses. There are also lots of companies offering DIY cocktail kits so you can follow step by step guides on how to make epic cocktails at home.

So what are the most popular cocktails? Below we have outlined the top 10 cocktails in the UK.

1. Pornstar Martini


Top of the charts is the Pornstar Martini. This is by far the UK’s most popular cocktail. Born and raised in London, the Pornstar Martini was created by bartender Douglas Ankrah at the LAB Bar in Soho. On Google, it’s one of the most searched for cocktails and in bars one of the most ordered.

Its appeal is easy to understand. Passionfruit and vanilla with a stylish and theatrical shot of Champagne sat alongside the cocktail ensures the Pornstar Martinis status as one of the most popular cocktails.

Pornstar Martini Recipe


35ml Vanilla Vodka
15ml Passoa Liqueur
10ml Vanilla Syrup
1 Whole Passionfruit
15ml Lime Juice
50ml Champagne


Scoop out the flesh of a passionfruit and add to a shaker. Measure out the rest of the ingredients, except the Champagne, and add to the shaker. Add cubed ice to the shaker, shake for 5-10 seconds and fine strain into a martini glass. Garnish with 1/2 a passionfruit in the glass (flesh side up). Serve with the Champagne in a glass alongside the cocktail.

2. Espresso Martini


Another product of London’s sensational bar scene is the beloved Espresso Martini. Rich and indulgent, the Espresso Martini is loved as much for the taste as it is for the caffeine boost it offers (that’s probably why dessert cocktails, with the Espresso Martini leading the pack, are becoming so popular) it is easy to see why the Espresso Martini is one of the most popular cocktails.

The Espresso Martini is actually easier to make at home than you would imagine. It was previously off-limits for virtually everyone due to the need for a shot of espresso in the recipe but the Nespresso revolution has brought the Espresso Martini into homes across the country.

Espresso Martini Recipe


25ml Vodka
25ml Coffee Liqueur
50ml Fresh Espresso Coffee
5ml Gomme


Add all ingredients into a shaker. Shake all ingredients very hard, to create the signature foamy head and fine strain into a martini glass. Garnish with three coffee beans.

3. Mojito


The Mojito has been one of the most popular cocktails pretty much forever. The Cuban classic looks and smells delicious, with the delicious aroma of mint and lime, as well as tasting so good. It does though have to be made correctly and the difference between a good Mojito and a bad one is a really huge gulf.

If you want to test out making one of the worlds most popular cocktails for yourself we have a few tips.

First up use a good quality aged rum. Secondly, demerara sugar syrup 9or gomme) works the best flavour wise. Thirdly, don’t over muddle the mint as it becomes very bitter when overworked. Finally, use crushed ice. really important as crushed offers more dilution into the cocktail than cubed which is vital.

Mojito Recipe


50ml Rum
8 Mint Leaves
15ml Demerara Syrup
1 Whole Lime Cut Into 8
Dash Soda water


Squeeze all but 1 wedge of the lime into a hi-ball glass ensuring you get all the lime juice out of each wedge. Add the syrup and rum and add the mint and lightly bruise with a bar spoon to remove the oils (don’t over muddle though). Add crushed ice to the top and mix all the contents fully. Add a crown of crushed ice and add a dash of soda water. garnish with a mint sprig and a lime wedge.

4. Negroni


The Negroni star has been rising and has become one of the most popular cocktails over the last few years. It’s also super simple to make and merely relies on using great quality spirits when making it.

Now the Negronis popularity is interesting, particularly when you line it up against the other cocktails on the list.

It’s complex, primarily bitter but with some fruity sweetness from the vermouth and orange zest that’s balances it out. There’s also a rooty and earthy flavour with a hit of juniper from the gin. So as you can probably tell it’s more challenging than most cocktails but that being said it is insanely popular.

Negroni Recipe


25ml Gin
25ml Sweet Vermouth
25ml Campari


The Negroni is one of the easiest yet most complex tasting cocktails you can make. Add all ingredients to a rocks or an old fashioned cocktail glass. Add ice and stir 3 or 4 times. garnish with an orange zest.

5. Margarita


The ultimate party cocktail. Enjoyed on the rocks, blended and straight up and has been a big presence on the summer cocktails scene for several years now. Zesty and fresh. The Margarita’s backbone is Tequila the worlds popular party spirit. Tequila producers say that 100% Blue Agave Tequila doesn’t give you a hangover! Not sure about that but Margaritas are super delicious all the same.



35ml Tequila
15ml Triple Sec
20ml Lime Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup


Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. If using fresh lime then squeeze 1/2 lime into the shaker and discard the juiced fruit. Top the cocktail shaker with cubed ice and shake hard. Fine strain the margarita cocktail into a martini glass with a salt rim.