18 Easy Date Night Activities For Valentine’s Day

Take the stress out of organising date night activities with our Valentine's Day guide

For many, Valentine’s day is both a romantic occasion and also a potentially stressful one. 

The pressure of deciding what to do whilst also making it as romantic as possible makes it difficult to know where to begin. 

Do you book an expensive restaurant?
Stay in and make your partner a meal?
Book a romantic getaway? 

It can definitely be overwhelming and sometimes, the best ideas are often the easiest to implement.

Below, we’ve rounded up some easy date night activities to ensure Valentine’s day is as romantic (and stress-free) as possible. 

East Date Night Activities

Book a Staycation

A staycation cottage in the woods, one of our recommendations for easy date night activities

Valentine’s day falls on a Monday this year so something that many couples can do is look to book the day off work and have a long weekend staycation.

Due to lockdown, staycations have become increasingly more popular in the UK as people explore what a beautiful country we have right on our doorstep.

For this reason, there are a number of unique staycation opportunities that you can explore. 

Some great destinations include the lake district or peak district (for a cabin getaway), Manchester/Liverpool/Newcastle for a city break up North or York/Edinburgh for a historic site-seeing trip. 

Cook a Meal Together

A couple preparing dinner for a Valentine's Day date night

Going out for food is always a go-to option for Valentine’s day and it’s also a relatively easy activity, just book your favourite restaurant and turn up – the staff will do everything else for you. 

For this year, you could instead eat in and cook a meal together. 

Dating experts always recommend cooking together for a romantic activity.

Even if one (or both) of you are terrible cooks, there’s something about preparing, cooking, and enjoying a meal together that really sparks chemistry. 

Therefore, pick out your favourite shared recipe or experiment with something new and create your own meal to enjoy this Valentine’s day rather than opting for the more common “meal out”. 

Disclaimer – if you really are both terrible cooks or have short tempers, maybe pick an easy meal to make rather than overcomplicating it and ending up stressed out. 

Home Cocktail Making 

A woman prepares cocktail ingredients from The Cocktail Society's cocktail discovery box

As we’re The Cocktail Society, we don’t believe any Valentine’s day is complete without adding some cocktails into the mix. 

As with the cooking option above, a great way to enjoy cocktails can be to make your own. 

Creating some of the best Valentine’s day cocktails for your partner will not only show off your mixology talents but it’s also something you can do together.

It never hurts to get alcohol involved on Valentine’s day but cocktail making doesn’t need to be complicated to time-consuming.

For any beginners out there, we’d recommend looking into a cocktail making kit.

These provide all the ingredients, measures, and instructions needed to perfectly execute a cocktail even if you have zero bartending experience. 

We have some perfect cocktail kits which include an Espresso Martini cocktail kit and a Pornstar Martini Cocktail Kit

Have a Movie Night

Movie nights have always been a good option for date night activities but now they are arguably easier (and better) than ever before. 

This is because technology knows what we want to watch – even better than we know ourselves! 

As an example, Netflix will have romantic recommendations for Valentine’s day as well as personalised recommendations based on what the two of you frequently watch. 

Therefore, spend 15-20 minutes compiling a favourites list specifically for Valentine’s day and then sit back with your home-cooked meal and cocktails if you’ve decided to give the above two options a whirl as well!

Have an ‘At Home’ Spa Day

It’s been a challenging few years for everyone so what better way to spend Valentine’s day than to have some much-needed rest, relaxation, and pampering. 

Rather than going to a spa though, why not bring the spa experience to you. 

A shared bath (by candlelight), some massage oils and face masks will all help you both relax and enjoy a joint pamper session. 

If that sounds like too much effort though and you want something even easier, you can book at-home massages. 

Here, a massage service will come to you so you and your partner can unwind, have some aches or knots alleviated, and generally unwind from the comfort of your own home. 

Recreate Your First Date

Silhouettes of two women swimming in the sea

This one is easy because you’ve done it once before already!

What better way to bring some magic to Valentine’s day than to recreate your first date – the catalyst for what brought you together in the first place. 

This will vary for every couple but considering you’ve already planned and executed this date night activity before, all you need to do is repeat it for an effortless and incredibly nostalgic date. 

Additional Valentine’s Day Ideas

Two men walking on the coastline

If the above list doesn’t have something you’d be interested in, we also have some additional Valentine’s day activities that you could look into below:

  1. Take a walk
  2. Have a board game night
  3. Go on a scenic drive
  4. Start a craft project
  5. Plan a romantic trip or holiday
  6. Recreate your favourite date
  7. Go to a museum (in person or virtually) 
  8. Go to your favourite restaurant 
  9. Double date with your favourite couple 
  10. Go to the cinema 
  11. Stargaze (if the weather permits) 
  12. Go camping 

Easy Date Night Activities

You might be feeling the pressure to impress this Valentines day but rather than feeling stressed about it, try to consider some of the easy date night activities listed above. 

They take minimal effort to plan or prepare but all of them make for a great date night that’s sure to spark the romance.