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Top 10 Delicious Non Alcoholic Gins

Ever searched a drinks menu for a non-alcoholic option, only to find a lacklustre array of sparkling waters and sugary soft drinks?

We’ve all been there. Well, despair no more, as this selection of non alcoholic gins provides a more inspiring option.

Maybe you’re ditching the booze as part of a healthier lifestyle. Or perhaps to skip the hangover.

In any case, non-alcoholic spirits are an intriguing alternative to regular tipples, and with demand for low and no alcohol drinks predicted to skyrocket in the next few years, they’ve never been more popular.

Luckily, you have plenty to choose from as more and more companies release delicious non-alcoholic drinks. What they lack in alcohol, they more than make up for in flavour.

Here’s our guide to the best of the bunch.


Non Alcoholic Gins – The Classics

For those looking for that classic gin taste, these options are the perfect replacement for alcohol when making popular gin cocktail recipes.

Strykk Not G*n

A bottle of Strykk Not G*n Non Alcoholic Gin is poured in front of an azure blue background

Launched to great acclaim in 2018, a killer bottle design means this is a must-have for any home bar enthusiasts. Not G*n combines a classic juniper flavour with coriander, sage, and basil.

Strykk crossed out the letter “i” in gin from their label… and then described it on their website as a non-alcoholic gin.

Confusing? Maybe.

However, this product is so good we’ll forgive them for fuelling the debate on whether we should even call these type of drinks “spirits”.


Try Strykk Not G*n


Gordon’s Alcohol Free 0.0%

A bottle of Gordon's 0.0 non alcoholic gin next to two Copa de Balon glasses on a blue rug

If you’re looking to replicate the taste of your regular G&T, then Gordon’s alcohol free gin offering is a good place to start.

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing this one out of hand. With over 250 years of history in the gin sector, Gordon’s is the world’s number one selling gin and any new offering from them is worth checking out.

Like many non-alcoholic gins, you’ll experience a strong herby scent. The strong Juniper berry flavour which Gordon’s is famous for is balanced with a dash of lime.

Garnish: Lime wedge

From £12.00

Try Gordon’s Alcohol Free 0.0%


Lyre’s London Dry Spirit

A bottle of Lyre's Dry London Spirit Non Alcoholic Gin with a Clover Club Cocktail

This premium non-alcoholic gin takes its name from the Australian Lyrebird.

Like its namesake, which can mimic the song of birds and other noises, Lyre’s London Dry mimics the taste of a classic dry gin.

Lyre’s boasts an impressive range of other no alcohol spirit alternatives including Orange Sec. Try combining this with their London dry to create some mouth-watering cocktails.

Garnish: Citrus peel or grapefruit slice


Try Lyre’s London Dry Spirit


Tanqueray 0.0

A 70cl bottle of Tanqueray 0.0 non alcoholic gin with two copa glasses and a jigger.

It’s a mark of how fast the low and no alcohol market is growing that big players are releasing alcohol free gins. Another icon of the gin industry, the Tanqueray brand dates to the 1830s.

It’s predicted that demand for no and no alcohol options will rise by 31% by 2024 so it’s no surprise that Tanqueray wants a piece of the action.

Thankfully, the Tanqueray 0.0 is no token gesture.

Like Gordon’s, it is built around strong Juniper flavours but is a bit punchier, with a bitter finish.

Garnish: Lime wedge

From £14.99

Try Tanqueray 0.0


Fresh and Floral Non-alcoholic Gins

These local delicacies embrace the flavours of the areas of the United Kingdom where they are made…


Pentire Adrift

A bottle of Pentire Adrift low alcoholic gin lies on top of a satchel and rug in the late evening sunlight

There is nothing quite like a walk through the fresh sea air along the UK’s stunning coast.

Made from distilling plants native to the Cornish coastline, Pentire Adrift is 100% plant-based. Noted by the New York Times as the “most drinkable” non-alcoholic spirit.

Pentire also wins points for their commitment to protecting the natural resources used in the creation of their spirit. They use Fair Trade & Organically Certified ingredients and plastic-free packaging.

Garnish: Rosemary sprig or bay leaf


Try Pentire Adrift


Sea Arch Coastal Juniper

A Sea Arch non alcoholic gin bottle sits by two cans of Double Dutch tonic water, some decorative juniper berries on a blue background

Cornwall and Devon’s friendly rivalry encompasses a wide range of topics. Which area is the most beautiful, and whether jam or cream goes onto a scone first (Cream, of course).

Now, they can argue which non alcoholic gin recreates the experience of a holiday on the English coast.

So, after trying Pentire from Cornwall, why not sample this non-alcoholic gin named after the iconic Devon Sea Arch rock formation?

Crisp and refreshing, this drink is created using traditional distilling techniques, with the alcohol then removed slowly.

Coastal-inspired ingredients include sea kelp and samphire, balanced with cardamom and blood orange.

Garnish: A squeeze of citrus


Try Sea Arch Coastal Juniper


Bowser Leaf

A bottle of Bowser Leaf from Conker distillery. The bottle label is white, with a pale green leaf logo.

Refreshingly smooth, this offering from Dorset’s Conker Spirit Distillery combines mint, thyme, and other herb flavours for a fresh and savoury serve.

The beautiful bottle design will draw the eye whether in an on-trade bar or home drinks cabinet.

Garnish: Thyme sprig or basil leaf


Try Bowser Leaf Non Alcoholic Gin


Stillers Celtic Myst

A bottle of Stillers Celtic Myst Non Alcoholic Gin sits on a green leaf alongside several ice cubes

Piney, herby notes with a hint of rosemary – perfectly evoking the atmosphere of a misty walk through the forests of Monmouth where the drink is distilled at the Old Coach House Distillery.

Stillers’ alternative non alcoholic gin Silk Roots, takes inspiration from the old Silk Road trading route infusing an aromatic blend with tastes of cardamom and clove for a spicy, warming libation.


Try Stillers Celtic Myst


Fruity and Adventurous Non Alcoholic Gins

Because, why not…


Cedars Pink Rose Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Bottles of Ceders Pink Rose Non Alcoholic Gin, Ceders Wild Non Alcoholic Gin and Ceders Crisp Non Alcoholic Gin sit on a cream background near to juniper berries, cucumber and other garnishes

Inspired by the natural ingredients of the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa, this non-alcoholic gin has notes of rose and sweet hibiscus. Take a sip and let yourself be transported to an idyllic escape to a far-off locale.

Garnish: Raspberries and Mint


Try Cedars Pink Rose Distilled Non Alcoholic Spirit


Seedlip Grove 42

Bottles of Seedlip Non Alcoholic Gin - Seedlip Grove 42, Seedlip Garden 108 and Seedlip Spice 94 sit on a wooden table by a glass of gin and tonic with an orange peel twist garnish.

Three types of orange are used in this classic from alcohol free giant Seedlip.

Founder Ben Branson took inspiration from herbal remedies from the 1650s, experimenting with distilling herbs from the family farm in Lincolnshire.

Whilst Seedlip is better known for its original Spice 94 product, which debuted at London Selfridges in 2015, the fruitier Grove 42 is enhanced with lemongrass and ginger flavours, which add a spicy kick to proceedings.

Garnish: Orange peel


Try Seedlip Grove 42


Special Mention: Ginsin Strawberry

As you might expect by the name, the dominant flavour here is strawberry, nicely balanced by citrus notes.

Garnish: Strawberries. All of them.

Ginsin is made by a Spanish company, so might be a little harder to find. But for the low and no alcohol fan, it’s worth the effort to find.

Find out more about Ginsin


What is an alcohol free gin?

When is a gin not a gin? Though it sounds like the start of a bad joke, it’s a key question for some drink distillers.

Each alcohol free recipe is different of course, and companies are understandably secretive about the special methods to make these low alcohol alternatives.

However, alcohol free spirits are generally made in two ways.

One method is to carefully select ingredients to match the taste of the spirit. These are left in water until the flavour comes out.

Alternatively, distillers will follow a process like that of making an alcoholic spirit.

Neutral alcohol along with botanical ingredients are mixed in a pot, usually made from copper. The mix is slowly heated to bring out the flavours.

The distiller captures the vapours which evaporate and dilutes with water.

The result: a flavour-filled, alcohol free delight.


What’s in a name: Low alcohol gin or non-alcoholic spirit?

Many drinks companies are keen to avoid the term “soft drink”, which conjures up memories of sickly sweet, carbonated disappointments.

Yet, with gin legally defined as a spirit with an alcohol level of 37.5%, brands are having to get clever with how they label their products.

This is why you’ll see terms like “non-alcoholic spirits” or “non-alcoholic drinks” cropping up more and more.

Our advice?

Leave the definitions to the experts, and simply enjoy the experience of drinking an exquisite non alcoholic gin.

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