Toffee Apple Martini Recipe

The Cocktail Society's Toffee Apple Martini recipe. Learn how to make a Toffee Apple Martini with our expert mixologists.
A Toffee Apple Martini created by The Cocktail Society in a bed of Autumn leaves




Coupette or Martini




30ml Bourbon
50ml Cloudy Apple Juice
25ml Lemon Juice
1 Teaspoon Honey

HOW TO MAKE A Toffee Apple Martini

Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice.

Shake well and then use a hawthorn and fine strainer to double strain into a chilled Martini or Coupe glass.


Apple Fan


We started The Cocktail Society to help home drinkers bring bar quality cocktails home, after years of creating extraordinary drinking experiences as The Cocktail Service.

We created this Toffee Apple Martini recipe to feature in our Autumn and Winter menu a few years back.

The warmth from the bourbon combined with the sweet apple and honey flavours meant it was a hit with guests at events all across the UK and sometimes internationally!

“We wanted to create something which represented the turn of the seasons. Apples to bring the flavour of Autumn, with the warmth of the bourbon replicating the experiences of sitting by a fireside in the winter,” says The Society’s Head of Operations David.

Toffee Apple Martini Vs. The Original Martini

The original martini cocktail is a mix of gin and vermouth. It’s one of the best known cocktails out there.

However, the Toffee Apple Martini recipe bears little resemblance to this classic.

The original gin martini was first served with the gin and vermouth mixed at a ratio of 2:1.

Over time, bartenders experimented with different measurements of spirit.

This resulted in the dry martini (with barely any vermouth present), the wet martini (with a 50:50 mix of gin and vermouth) and the famous Dirty Martini.

Bartenders have also substituted the main spirit.

James Bond famously orders a Vodka Martini, but most high end bartenders would be concerned with his ordering it “shaken, not stirred”.

Bartender technique would suggest stirring rather than shaking, as shaking dilutes the alcohol thereby reducing the flavour.

The writer Somerset Maugham said that “a martini should always be stirred, not shaken, so that the molecules lie sensuously on top of one another.”

007 also orders a Vesper Martini, a heady mix of gin, vodka, and vermouth. It’s definitely a martini to try, but it’s a strong drink so be careful!

Other cocktails, like the Toffee Apple Martini, take the martini name simply because of the glass they are served in.

The same goes for the Appletini, the Breakfast Martini and many more.


Try the Toffee Apple Martini with different types of Bourbon.

A spiced bourbon such as Wild Turkey Spiced or Knob Creek Smoked Maple are great matches to the apple and honey.


If apples are your thing, look no further than our Apple and Elderflower Martini cocktail kit. Made in partnership with Sapling Vodka, it’s the first carbon neutral cocktail kit, with two trees planted for every kit sold.


Fans of bourbon cocktails will also enjoy the Manhattan or the Godfather.

Or if you enjoyed the sweetness provided by the honey then the Penicillin, which combines Scotch, Ginger Liqueur, and Honey is a must-try.

You can enjoy the Toffee Apple Martini at any time of year, but it’s especially tasty in the Autumn evenings. Check out our full list of Autumn Cocktails.