How To Make Sugar Free Syrup

Cocktails don’t always have to be full of sugar and calories. Learn how to make sugar free syrup with our expert bartenders.

How To Use A Muddler

What is a muddler? Well, according to the Oxford English dictionary it is: “the action or process of mixing a drink or stirring an ingredient into a drink. The muddling helps ensure that all the flavours are well blended” Muddlers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and a variety of different materials. In […]

How To Use A Cocktail Strainer

What Is A Cocktail Strainer? The cocktail strainer is an essential tool in professional bartending. Like a sieve, it only allows liquid to pass leaving any unwanted fruit pulp and ice behind. They come in a huge variety of designs, but don’t worry. We’ve taken the strain out of the process (terrible pun very much […]

How to make cocktail bitters from scratch

So, you’re a budding cocktail bartender. You’ve provably read our guide covering what are bitters. Now you want a piece of the action. So, how to make cocktail bitters? The Cocktail Society is here to help. Below is our recipe for how to make cocktail bitters, and how you can make your own bitters easily […]

How To Blend Cocktails to create Premium drinks

Knowing how to blend cocktails correctly is a must for the home bartender. Blended cocktails have gone from being something of a gimmick within the drinks industry to a genuine and viable technique for creating premium cocktails. Blending allows bartenders (professional or at-home cocktail enthusiasts) to create different textures and flavour combinations but it’s not […]

How to build a Cocktail: 4 Easy Steps

Imagine a builder, building a house. The builder adds one ingredient on top of another until the house is finished, and then adds a straw and garnish. While we don’t know how to build houses, that’s how to build a cocktail. For the most part, drinks are built in this order: prepare glassware/vessel. Add ice, […]

How To Salt Rim a Cocktail Glass: 2 Essential Methods

You thinking ‘Margaritas’? Yeah, us too, always! When ordering a Margarita Cocktail at a top bar, you’ll often see that the edge of the glass is rimmed in salt. Many bartenders will tell you this is the only way to properly garnish a margarita. In any case, knowing how to salt rim a cocktail glass […]

Learn How to Shake a Cocktail in 6 Easy Steps

Shaking a cocktail is the iconic moment that’s at the centre of the cocktail experience… but do you know why and how is it done? If not all cocktails require shaking, is it worth shaking any? Is it all about the theatre – that Instagram rich magic? No. Learning how to shake a cocktail is […]