The Sundowner Cocktail Recipe

We re-imagine the Aperol Spritz to create a truly delicious summer cocktail - The Sundowner.




Wine Glass


Sparkling Pink Wine

What is Sundowner Cocktail?

The Sundowner is a house creation that re-imagines the summer favourite the Aperol Spritz. It’s been a long-time favourite here at TCS HQ so we thought it would be a perfect addition to our July Subscription Box.

We blend the delicious Canvino Rose Sparkling Wine with our very own Aperol, Grapefruit & Tarragon Infusion before charging with Fever Tree Soda Water.

The outcome? A cocktail that comes into its own as the sun goes down, softly fruity, slightly dry with a long refreshing finish.

How to  make the Sundowner Cocktail Recipe


50ml Aperol, Grapefruit & Tarragon Infusion

50ml Canvino Rose Sparkling Wine

25ml Fever-Tree Soda Water


Add the infusion into the wine glass with the Canvino Rose Sparkling Wine.

Top with cubed ice and add just over a dash of soda water.

Stir briefly and garnish with a Grapefruit Slice.


Grapefruit Slice

What To Drink Next?

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