The Cocktail Society’s September 2022 Cocktail Discovery Box Arrives!

Discover new cocktail flavours with The Cocktail Society' September 2022 cocktail discovery box

Hey cocktail lovers!

The seasons are changing, and our expert mixologists have curated winning mix of drinks and snacks to welcome the end of summer with our September 2022 cocktail discovery box.

Featuring Harrogate’s finest gin, a delightful British blackcurrant liqueur and rich, almond flavoured Disaronno, our cocktails of the month are simply divine.

Not forgetting a fizzy treat from Whitebox Drinks, tasty snacks, and a fiery ginger ale.

September’s box is worth £69 but of course our Society members get all of this, plus member perks for only £40.

If you’re thinking of joining our Society of cocktail lovers, now is the time! September’s box ships on the 21st so don’t miss out.

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The Cocktail Society September 2022 Cocktail Discovery Box

A woman prepares cocktail ingredients from The Cocktail Society's cocktail discovery box

Amaretto Sour

The Cocktail Society September 2022 DIY Cocktail #1


A creamy, almond-y delight, we can’t think of a more fitting cocktail to welcome the beginning of Autumn than the Amaretto Sour.

Our recipe includes almond liqueur, vegan bitters to add that creamy mouthfeel, and sweet syrup.


Blackberry Bramble

The Cocktail Society September 2022 DIY Cocktail #2

A Bramble cocktail next to a half lemon and some blackberries

Inspired by days picking blackberries, the Bramble is the perfect cocktail to sip at the start of Autumn.

We’ve switched the traditional blackberry flavour for a British blackcurrant liqueur.

For this cocktail we’ve chosen Slingsby’s London Dry Gin from Spirit of Harrogate Distillery.

Crafted using locally sourced botanicals inspired by the nature surrounding Harrogate this gin includes notes of primrose, sweet cicely, nettle, rhubarb, milk thistle, rosehip and Taylors of Harrogate green and jasmine tea.

For our liqueur we’ve selected the deluxe British Cassis from White Heron Drinks.

Perfect in a cocktail like the Bramble or a Kir Royale, or to savour on its own, this is a rich and full-bodied aperitif.


Tea-Quila & the Rhubarb and Ginger Martini

The Cocktail Society September 2022 Limited Edition Bottled Cocktail 500ml

The Cocktail Society Limited Edition Cocktail Bottles for September 2022

September’s first member-exclusive bottled cocktail is the Tea-quila which blends elements of a Margarita with the classic peach Iced Tea recipe.

Or members can choose the Rhubarb and Ginger Martini made with pink gin, ginger liqueur and rhubarb syrup.

As always, if you prefer one of our award-winning core range of bottled cocktails you can choose one of these instead!

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Hippy Fizz

Ready to Drink Cocktail of the Month

White Box Hippy Fizz Canned Cocktail


Made with Porter’s Gin, tropical shrub, patchouli, and hop soda, YouTuber and home mixologist Jack Wareing had concocted a fruity, funky premixed cocktail.

Whitebox are the clever folks behind the Pocket Negroni and other great canned cocktails.

We’re big fans and know you will be too.


Snaffling Pig Chorizo Bites

Snaffling Pig Chorizo Bites featured in The Cocktail Society's September 2022 cocktail discovery box

These have to be some of the tastiest chorizo nibbles we’ve ever tasted.

Snaffling Pig work with actual chorizo-making artisans in Spain to create authentic, chewy, delectable chorizo snacks.

This cured sausage has a deep and smoky paprika vibe, with a subtle sweetness on the tongue.

Perfect on pizza or with seafood, or as a party snack alongside your favourite cocktails.

Don’t worry, whilst the paprika flavour will warm the mouth, it won’t set it on fire!

Enjoy Snaffling Pig Chorizo Bites in our September 2022 discovery box.


Abakus Seaweed Crisps

Abakus Seaweed Crisps featured in The Cocktail Society's September 2022 cocktail discovery box

These natural seaweed crisps coated with crispy tapioca are an enticing snack. No nasty added bits, just good stuff from the sea.

The team at Abakus support local environmental causes and have a range of great flavours.

Sushi lovers will also adore their roasted seaweed squares, low in calories and full of crispy goodness.

Check out Abakus Foods here.


Doisy & Dam

Doisy and Dam Vegan Chocolate Ballers featured in The Cocktail Society's September 2022 cocktail discovery box

These crunchy chocolate balls are made from golden malty crunch coated in velvety dark chocolate.

Coming in a perfect snack sized back, these are a must when on the go or out for a late summer picnic.

It’s vegan chocolate at its best, with cocoa sourced ethically from Colombia.

Good to know: there’s no palm oil in Doisy & Dam products, and they use only natural ingredients.

Snack on!


Free Gift: Karma – Gingerella XHOT

Karma Drinks Gingerella Too Damn Hot from The Cocktail Society's September 2022 cocktail discovery box

Organic. Fairtrade. Made with organic ginger grown in Sri Lanka’s rainforest.

And each sip does some good as Karma Drinks gives a fair deal for the people who grow the organic lemons, vanilla and sugar which make this tasty ginger ale.

Can’t say fairer than that.

Oh wait, you wanted more?

Well how about this: Society members get a bottle of #TooDamnHot Gingerella Ginger Ale in their September discovery box, packed with extra heat from additional peppers.


Don’t forget the members perks!

Shh. Can you keep a secret?

Society members get access to a range of perks including discounts on the brands featured in the September 2022 box, distillery tours, and tasting events with new brands.


When is the next box?

September’s box ships on 21st September, so you have until 20th September to join our Society of cocktail lovers.

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