The Bounty Recipe

A vodka Aperol recipe which is refreshing and smooth.
The Bounty vodka and aperol recipe featured in the May 2022 cocktail box




Hi Ball



Who invented The Bounty recipe?

This vodka Aperol recipe was created by the events team at The Cocktail Service.

“One of our bartenders wanted to produce a drink that was fresh, balanced and most importantly made with his favourite flavours,” says head mixologist David.

The Bounty absolutely lives up to its name with sweet strawberries, cooling garden mint and sour lemons.

“The cocktail gets its backbone from robust gin and delicate vermouth, to deliver a cocktail that’s fruity and fresh.”

How to make The Bounty vodka aperol recipe


40ml Poetic Licence Graceful Vodka

25ml Aperol infused with Strawberries and Black Pepper

100ml Tonic Water


In a hi ball glass, add your vodka and infused Aperol.

Top with as much ice as you can fit into the glass, and then top with tonic water.


Garnish with a strawberry if you have them or failing that a slice of lemon.

What vodka to use in The Bounty recipe?

Graceful Vodka from Poetic Licence Distillery, used in the vodka aperol recipe The Bounty in The Cocktail Society's May 2022 cocktail box.

To find the right ingredients for this cocktail we had the enviable task of sampling different vodkas to find the perfect one for our recipe.

Poetic Licence Distillery’s Graceful Vodka was the perfect match.

Made with British wheat, and distilled seven times, it’s a smooth and velvety vodka with a clean and pure taste.

This complemented the Aperol and strawberry infusion, but we also found it makes a great vodka martini as well.

What is Aperol?

Aperol aperitif Pce used in the vodka aperol cocktail recipe The Bounty in The Cocktail Society's May 2022 cocktail box.

This Italian aperitif is made from many ingredients including orange, gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona.

It has an iconic bright orange hue and is an ingredient any budding home bartender should include in their home bar or drinks cabinet.

It has a zesty orange and herbal nose, with a woody, botanical taste.

Aperol is perfect in a cocktail or simply mixed with soda or tonic.

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We also created the Local Bounty, a sustainable version of this recipe using ingredients from within 20 miles of our Oxfordshire HQ.

The Bounty recipe first featured as one of the DIY cocktails in our May 2022 Cocktail Discovery Box.

Our members mixed this and spicy Chilli and Grapefruit Martini as well as enjoying ready-to-drink cocktail treats.

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