The Best Cocktail Making Kits

Cocktails making kits are the new gifting trend that has taken the UK by storm and continues to grow.

It’s easy to see the appeal, cocktail making kits (or Cocktail gift sets) are a great way to give a gift. The prices points are varied and affordable, they are fun and who wouldn’t want to receive some cocktails in the post?

Here at The Cocktail Society, we are all about showcasing the UK cocktail culture and what better way to do that than by bringing you the very best cocktail making kits available right now?

So read on to see what the kits offer, price point and where you can buy them.

A hand holds a silver coloured Cobbler Shaker (or Three Part Shaker) pouring a cocktail into a rocks glass, as part of the process of how to shake a cocktail. Behind the glass there is another rocks glass and dried fruit garnish.

Best DIY Cocktail Making Kits

DIY cocktail making kits are just that. They come complete with ingredients and instructions on how to mix your own cocktails at home. Perfect for people who love making cocktails. DIY cocktail kits make great gifts too as its interactive.

The Cocktail Society

A shameless plug but hey, why not. We love our DIY cocktail making kits here and each kit comes complete with ingredients for 4 cocktails, cocktail making equipment (a shaker or a spirits measure) a snack to complement the drinks and a recipe card.

Try the Passion Fruit Martini, Old Fashioned, make a classic Negroni or Espresso Martini cocktail making kits.

Buy Now From The Cocktail Society £39


The Cocktail Man

The Cocktail Man offers cocktail experience DIY cocktail making kits that have ingredients for 5 cocktails in each box (be aware though sometimes you need to buy fresh ingredients for the cocktails such as lime) The cocktail kits come in a smart box that fits through your letterbox and delivery is included.

Try options such as Strawberry Daiquiri, White Russian and Champagne Cosmopolitan.

Buy Now From The Cocktail Man £34.99


Jim & Tonic

Jim and Tonic make really great, sustainable gin. They also do a great DIY cocktail making kit that you can buy for yourself or give as a gift. Our fave is the Home Cocktail Masterclass Set which comes with enough ingredients to make four cocktails, using their gin and a number of mixers and other ingredients. You can even upgrade the kit to include cocktail making equipment.

If cocktails aren’t your thing (they should be if you are here!) then Jim & Tonic also have a range of gin taster kits.

Buy Now From Jim & Tonic £49


Moose Drinks

Moose is a botanical alpine spirit (this is niche so don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of it!) and they also do a fine range of tasty cocktail  making kits. The one that caught our eye was the Raspberry Martini cocktail box. Moose goes really well with berries of all kinds so sure to be a winner. This kit has the ingredients to make 4 cocktails.

Buy Moose Cocktail Kit Now £44


The Cocktail Porter – £80.00

The Cocktail Porter offer a number of cool cocktail kits and one of our faves is their Cold Brew Espresso Martini Cocktail Making Kit.


Well because it’s a party box that’s why with 17 premium cocktails packed inside.

Packed with great ingredients, it has a full-size Ketel One Vodka and Conker Cold Brew Liqueur as well as some cold brew coffee and organic chocolate to grate your garnish.

This is a cocktail making kit for when you are making cocktails for the whole party.



Letterbox Cocktails

Letterbox cocktails are cocktails that are cleverly packaged so they can fit through your letterbox…amazing huh.

They are perfect to send a pick me up to a friend or for yourself to indulge on at the weekend.

And the best bit? You don’t need to be in to take the delivery!


Kicking off proceedings are Boxtails. Boxtails offer a range of different products but the one that stands out the most is the SixMix.

As you might decipher, the SixMix is a letterbox mailer filled with six different cocktails and you have the flexibility to choose your favourite spirit that forms the base of the cocktails.

Bright and colourful packaging and a decent range of options make Boxtails a great choice for upping your weekend drinks game at home.

Buy Boxtails Sixmix Now £29.99


Stir Up Cocktail Kits

Stir Up offer a few letterbox cocktail kits, including one with a favourite cocktail here, the Picante. The Picante cocktail kit comes with enough Patron Tequila, agave nectar and Pineapple Syrup to make 4 cocktails.

Stir Up also offer a curated playlist to enjoy with the cocktails and a video tutorial to show you exactly how to mix the drinks in each cocktail kit.

Buy a Stir Up Cocktail Kit Now £29.95



Kocktails offer several different options when it comes to getting cocktails through your letterbox. From a monthly subscription through to one-off gifts there are plenty of options on the table.

The cocktails change monthly which keeps things interesting for both subscribers and one-off purchasers.

Look out for the aptly named “This Months Box” which contains the 8 latest cocktails that Kocktail have mixed. Oh, and it is free shipping too which is a bonus.

Buy Kocktails Cocktail Box Now £49.00



Nio (Needs Ice Only) are a super innovative letterbox cocktail company that specialise in cocktail delivery.

They offer a number of cocktails including classics such as a Margarita, Mai Tai and Whisky Sour, which come in neat CD case shaped packaging.

NIO letterbox cocktails are created by award-winning bartenders in its homeland of Italy and are a great option for taking to events.

Their share box of 6 cocktails comes in at £39 and you can customise your six cocktails from their range.

Buy Nio Cocktails Now £39


 Taste Cocktails

Taste Cocktails were one of the pioneers of online cocktail delivery and they offer a number of products and cocktail gifts sets including the Margarita cocktail making kit, Old Fashioned cocktail making kit and Bramble cocktail making kits.

Each kit comes with 6 cocktails and there is the option of a gift note and wrapping at an extra cost.

Buy Taste Cocktails Now £35


Cocktails In The City

Cocktails In The City is most well known for its event series in London that showcases some of the very best venues the capital has to offer. It’s hugely popular and rightly so, there are not many events that bring together such heavyweight cocktail talent at one time.

They have recently created a letterbox cocktail product that is blended by globally recognised drinks consultant Julian De Feral.

The cocktails are uniquely flavoured and of the highest quality – think Pink Peppercorn & Yuzu Cosmopolitan or a Peach & Jasmin Gimlet.

The different options come in a regular or large sizer and free delivery is offered on orders over £39.

Buy Cocktails In The City Lot £39


The Cocktail Society

Our recently launched House Cocktail Making Kit is a 6 piece cocktail set that is perfect for the budding home bartender. It comes with all the usual equipment like a full-size manhattan cocktail shaker, muddler, bar spoon, fine strainer,  a bar blade and the all-important cocktail measure (known as a jigger in the trade).

This cocktail making kit comes in a kraft presentation box and has a handy kit guide explaining what all the different equipment is.


Ready To Drink Cocktails

Ready To Drinks cocktails are another growing trend with both bottled cocktails and cocktail cans for on the go growing rapidly in the UK.

The Cocktail Society

Our ready to drink bottled cocktail range has proven really popular in both retail and through our website. Available in 8 flavours and in a 200ml and 500ml bottle its is the ideal gift for a cocktail lover or for someone who wants to enjoy a bar quality tipple at home.

Our bestsellers are the Salted Caramel Espresso Martini, Passion Fruit Martini and Tommy’s Margarita.

Buy The Cocktail Society Bottled Cocktails Now £12


Tayēr & Elementary

Tayer and Elementary is widely recognised as one of the leading cocktail bars in Europe. Pioneering cocktails with refined on point service it is easy to see why.

Their bottled cocktail range has all of the care and attention that they devote to their bar and if you are looking for something really special then their bottled cocktails are well worth a try.

At the more expensive end of the bottled cocktail price spectrum (£15 for 300ml – so £7.50 per serve) but you do get what you pay for.

The cocktails are super interesting too with options such as the Tayēr Bergamot Margarita made with Ocho Blanco Tequila, QuiQuiRiQui MEzcal, Tio Pepe Fino Sherry, Cocchi Americano, Bergamot + Citrus Cordial, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.



 Tom Savano

Tom Savano is another great bottled cocktail brand that have won stacks of awards for the great taste of the drinks (hats off to you sirs)

The best bit though is the unique cocktails, with many that have an international leaning such as the Devon Coastal Negroni made with a Devon gin and a Marseille Midsummer Raspberry Gimlet blended with Salcombe Pink Gin, raspberries and lime.

Buy Tom Savano Bottled Cocktails Now £27


Mr Lyans

So Ryan Chetiwandana, aka Mr Lyan, is a pretty big deal in the bar world. In fact, he’s probably one of the most famous and celebrated bartenders on the planet. Lucky for us he’s bottled his cocktail wizardry into some delicious libations.

His Bonfire Old Fashioned is a thing of beauty, a blend of whisky, cola bitters and lapsang souchong tea.

He has a number of other delicious cocktails available in 500ml format

Buy Mr Lyans Bottled Cocktails Now £29.95

Mac & Wild

Those clever restaurateurs who have brought the Mac & Wild experience into our lives have decided to start bottling their signature cocktails to be enjoyed at home.

No complaints here. The cocktails are inspired by Scotland (as the restaurants are) and they are sensational.

There are options such as The Blackwatch Espresso Martini (a blend of Talisker, cold brew and amaro) or The Wild Fizz (Blackwoods Vodka, lemon verbena, wild nettle, Peach liqueur, celery and Fino sherry)

Unique and well crafted, Mac and Wild bottled cocktails are worth a try.

Buy Mac and Wild Bottled Cocktails Now £28.95



MOTH make super delicious cocktails in a can. MOTH (which stands for Mix Of Total Happiness) have four cocktails currently – Espresso Martini, Margarita, Negroni and the Old Fashioned, so you are well covered.

The ready-to-drink cans cover that on the go need for cocktails more than a bottled cocktail would and what sets these apart from many of their canned cocktail counterparts is the ABV. These cocktails are blended as they would be in a bar so the ABV is closer to 20% on the drinks, not 5%.




The meat-lovers dream restaurant group is Hawksmoor. A paradise of delicious steak and cocktails and thankfully they have decided to start bottling.

Their bottled cocktails are of the same supremely high standard as their restaurants and we really love their gift sets.

The Ultimate Classics gift set looks amazing, four classic cocktails including a Manhattan and Dry Martini (all the bottles are 200ml) for £48. A bargain as far as we are concerned.

Buy Hawksmoor Bottled Cocktails Now £48