Shrinking Violet Rosé Cocktail Recipe

A Shrinking Violet Rosé Cocktail using Mirabeau Classic Provence Rosé in a rocks glass, with a bottle of Mirabeau Classic Etoile Rosé in the background.







Shrinking Violet Rosé Cocktail Recipe Ingredients

50ml Mirabeau Etoile Rosé
20ml Lavender syrup
10ml Violet syrup
10ml Lemon juice

How to make a Shrinking Violet Rosé Cocktail

Add the lavender syrup, violet syrup, and lemon juice to a Boston shaker. Add ice and shake well for 30 seconds.

Use a hawthorn strainer to strain the mix into a rocks glass filled with cubed ice. Top with the Mirabeau Etoile Rosé.


Lavender sprig

Tell Us About The Shrinking Violet Rosé Cocktail

The Shrinking Violet was created for Maison Mirabeau by our colleagues over at The Cocktail Service for the 2019 Goodwood Food Festival.

Hundreds of guests took part in Rosé Wine and Food Pairing masterclasses at the Oak Tree Lawn Bar, learning about how to pair Rosé with different types of cuisine, and how to make delicious rosé cocktails.

Maison Mirabeau launched in 2009 when Brits Stephen and Jeany Cronk decided to throw caution to the wind, leaving their lives in West London for the countryside of Provence, France.

Launching the first Mirabeau Classic in 2011 a contract with Waitrose soon followed.

In 2017, the Mirabeau Etoile used in the Shrinking Violet Cocktail was launched to great acclaim.

It has notes of grapefruit, orange peel, pear and white peach. The wine is tied together by a hint of white flowers, which is why it’s perfect mixed with the lavender and violet spirits.

“Pretty and ethereal in the mouth, with a vibrant acidity providing a backbone, that leads to a mineral expressive finish with refreshing citrus notes.

Long and elegant. With his gastronomic DNA, Etoile will be a great partner to many foods or an aperitif to savour with delectable canapés.”

According to the makers, Etoile pairs beautifully with grilled lobster à l’aïoli or a fillet of salmon. It’s also a great pairing with creamy cheese and fruit desserts.


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