Provence Rosé Spritz Recipe

Provence Spritz Rosé Cocktail using Mirabeau Pure Rosé in a wine glass, with a bottle of Mirabeau Pure Rosé in the background.







Provence Spritz Rosé Cocktail Recipe Ingredients

50ml Mirabeau Pure Rosé
20ml Cardamon Syrup
50ml Eager Pink Grapefruit Juice
10ml Hibiscus & Grapefruit Homemade infusion
3 dashes Grapefruit Bitters

How to Make a Provence Spritz Rosé Cocktail

Add all ingredients into a Boston shaker.

Add ice and shake well.

Strain the mix into a wine glass filled with cubed ice, and garnish with a grapefruit slice.


Grapefruit Slice

What is a Spritz Cocktail

The Spritz originates from Italy and is named from the German word “Spritzen” meaning “splash”.

Back in the 1800s, Austrian soldiers in the Veneto region of Italy were looking for a way to make the local wine more like the less alcoholic beer that they were used to.

They added a splash of water to the local white wine, and the Spritz was born.

Since then there have been numerous variations on the Spritz, and it wasn’t long before drinkers were swapping flat water for soda.

The most famous Spritz is probably the Aperol Spritz. The liqueur created in 1919 is mixed with prosecco, and soda water to make a refreshing Spritz.

Did you know: Aperol is named after the French word “Apéro”, meaning apéritif. Don’t know your apéritifs from your digestifs? Our handy guide has you covered.

Tell Us About Provence Spritz Rosé Cocktail

Like the Shrinking Violet Rosé Cocktail, the Provence Spritz was created for Maison Mirabeau by our colleagues over at The Cocktail Service for the 2019 Goodwood Food Festival.

Hundreds of guests at the Oak Tree Lawn Bar, learned about how to pair Rosé with different types of cuisine, and how to make delicious rosé cocktails.

Mirabeau Pure Rosé is the flagship drink of the Maison Mirabeau brand. In 2009 Brits Stephen and Jeany Cronk decided to up sticks and launch a winery in Provence, France.

Mirabeau Pure is lovingly referred to as ‘Provence in a Glass’.

“Brilliant powdery pink colour, with violet reflexes. Clean and expressive, displaying aromas of peach, lychee, passion fruit and flint.”

The vivacious pink colour makes it an eye-catching beverage, and the sharpness of the Grapefruit juice complements the sweeter flavours of peach and passion fruit.