Pinkster Gin ‘n’ Jam Cocktail Recipe

Learn this delicious cocktail from Pinkster Gin which featured in our November 2021 cocktail subscription box.
Pinker Gin 'n' Jam Cocktail







Pinkster Gin ‘n’ Jam Cocktail Recipe Ingredients

50ml Pinkster Gin
10ml Lemon juice
Large spoonful of Pinkster Gin Jam

How to make the Pinkster Gin ‘n’ Jam Cocktail

This ones a super simple but effective serve.

First, add the Pinkster Gin, lemon juice, and Pinkster Gin Jam to a shaker with cubed ice.

Shake the mixture well, and then strain into a chilled hi-ball glass.

Garnish with raspberries/lemon twist and a sprig of mint.

Tell Us About The Pinkster Gin ‘n’ Jam Cocktail

This cocktail from gin connoisseurs Pinkster featured in our November 2021 cocktail subscription box.

Pinkster was founded by Stephen Marsh in 2013. Finding that wine and beer were no longer doing it for him, Stephen found an alternative in gin.

Taking his interesting foraging for berries to make into fruity liqueurs, Stephen experimented and eventually came up with the iconic Pinkster classic Pink Gin, made from real raspberries.

The raspberries used to make the gin are grown local to Pinkster’s HQ in Cambridgeshire, with gin only produced during the raspberry cropping season.

Pinkster Gin Jam is a natural by-product of their gin distillation process.

Using gin-soaked raspberries used to make the classic pink gin, it’s a rich and indulgent delight that lights up the taste buds.

Pinkster’s jam was rated 5* by the Daily Mail in July 2021 with the journalist noting “I actually found myself spooning it from the jar”.

So it’s no surprise that the mixologists at Pinkster decided to combine the two to make a delicious cocktail.

The sharp acidity of the lemon balances the sweet jam, with the fruity gin flavour adding complexity.

Expert Tip

Don’t forget the sprig of mint as garnish.

Not only does it add a balance of green colour, but the mint fragrance balances the overall aroma of the cocktail.

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