Pink Peppercorn Collins Recipe

We used golden rum to switch up the cult classic recipe from the Japanese bar scene.




Hi Ball



What is the Pink Peppercorn Collins cocktail recipe?

The Pink Peppercorn Collins is an original cocktail created by Charlotte here at The Cocktail Society HQ.

The cocktails is a beautiful blend of Horse Guards Pink Gin, House Peppercorn & Rosemary Syrup, Lime Juice & Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic.

It’s a deliciously complex yet fresh-tasting cocktail that has its origins in the Gin & Tonic.

This cocktail featured in our July 2022 cocktail discovery box along with the ray of cocktail sunshine is our house creation – The Sundowner.

When we originally conceived this cocktail we tried several pink gins before we settled on Horse Guards London Dry Pink Gin.

The gin’s fruity raspberry and cranberry notes perfectly compliment our House Peppercorn & Rosemary Syrup and is the perfect foil for the aromatic tonic (even if you are just looking for a simple Gin & Tonic).

How to make the pink Peppercorn Collins cocktail recipe


50ml Horse Guards Pink Gin

125ml Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic Water

15ml Peppercorn & Rosemary Syrup

10ml Lime Juice


First, take a hi ball glass pour all the ingredients, excluding the tonic.

Add cubed ice to the glass and top with tonic water.

Finally, stir briefly to combine the mix.


Lemon Slice

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