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Our Cocktail Subscription Explained

Here we explain the finer details of our cocktail subscription to help you decide whether you want to become a member of The Cocktail Society.

There are many cocktail subscriptions available on the market but we think ours is a little different.

In general, most of the cocktail subscriptions you will find online are essentially a top-up of cocktails from the brand offering the subscription at a set frequency – weekly, monthly and so on.

Where we think ours is different is we are offering a range of products, both from our team at The Cocktail Society as well as other brands.

We also offer DIY cocktails, snacks and a members magazine creating what we think is a one of a kind cocktail subscription.

In fact, we are not the only ones – BBC Good Food judged our subscription as the Best all Round Cocktail Subscription in a recent review and GQ Magazine said “The Cocktail Society is an absolute must-have subscription service” in their Best Subscriptions 2021.

It makes us feel great when people say nice things about us!


What Are The Benefits of Our Cocktail Subscription?

Our cocktail subscription has numerous benefits and we have created it with our members in mind to try and give them the best experience.

Our Cocktail Subscription Is Exciting!

To be honest any drinks subscription is (not just ours!).

From picking your cocktails (or leaving as a total surprise) to unboxing to see what other goodies are inside – who does like a cocktail surprise?

Our members have told us in all of the feedback we have gathered that this is really a great part of subscribing.

Our Cocktail Subscription Uses Premium Products

We have been in the drinks industry for 15 years and run a drinks agency called The Cocktail Service that works with brands and events all over the world.

Why is this relevant you say?

Well, it’s because of this background and love of quality drinks that we ensure every element of our cocktail subscription (and all our products!) are carefully curated.

Every product will be of exceptional quality and we are very particular about that.

Our Cocktail Subscription Has No Contracts or Small Print

The word “subscription” can make people feel uneasy.

Am I going to be locked into a contract? What happens if I don’t want it anymore? My circumstance has changed and I need to temporarily stop my cocktail subscription – am I able to?

The answer is YES.

You are in total control.

You can pause or cancel (please don’t cancel ;-0) any time you wish. There are no contracts and no small print. If you want out it couldn’t be easier.

Our Cocktail Subscription Is Available Monthly or Quarterly

Yep, you can choose either monthly or quarterly, and if you want to change from one to the other that’s also possible. Depending on how often you want to receive your cocktails you can decide the frequency.

Our Cocktail Subscription Is Great Value

Our media reviews say it all – BBC Good Food said we were great value and we are.

The cocktail subscription is packed with cocktails and snacks. Further, in the article for all the goodies, you will receive in your cocktail subscription.

Our Cocktail Subscription Has Free Shipping

Well, shipping is included or free depending on how you look at it. We think that’s a definite benefit.

Our Cocktail Subscription Can Be Personalised

If you want to.

We know that cocktails are a little like food – there are some things you just don’t like.

So we allow you to personalise some of the cocktail subscriptions (the 500ml and the DIY cocktails) each month.

If you don’t want to personalise it or forget (we will send reminders though) our team will curate the box for you.

What’s in The Cocktail Box?

Our cocktail boxes typically have a minimum of 10 cocktails (sometimes 12 depending on what 500ml cocktail you choose) 3 snacks and a magazine.

500ml Bottled Cocktail x1

This is from our own range of cocktails. We currently have four flavours and will be launching an additional four in August. These cocktails have between 5-7 drinks per bottle (depending on which drink you choose) As always the ingredients are super-premium with no nasty things in them.

You can choose one of these with every delivery

Ready To Drink Canned Cocktails (RTDs) x2

Ready To Drink cocktails (or RTDs as they are known) come in 250ml cans and are carefully selected from the best brands we can find. We work with cocktail brands such as MOTH Drinks, Ace & Freak and Bloody Drinks who all make delicious cocktails.
We include two RTDs in every delivery.

DIY Cocktail Of The Month x2

Part of our mission is to introduce our members to great cocktails but also to give them a helping hand in learning how to make their own. We offer two choices of a DIY cocktail every month and you can pick one. We include step by step instructions on how to make your DIY cocktail in each box.
Each DIY cocktail makes two serves.

Bar Snacks x 3

Great cocktails are complimented with great bar snacks and we include three snacks from independent snack brands with every delivery. Brands such as Serious Pig, Hippeas and Eat Real have all been included before.


Drink Up Magazine

Our member’s magazine is a mix of cocktail making instructions, recipes, great new brands for you to try our and articles. We produce Drink Up every month to compliment our cocktail subscription.

Free Gifts & Samples

We add some freebies with every subscription. This might be a piece of cocktail-making equipment or some extra cocktails. It varies each month.

Coming Soon

As we build our community we will be introducing various perks for our membership. Currently in the pipeline:

• Members discounts in our shop where you can buy extra cocktails, cocktail gifts and kits. We are constantly expanding our range here.
• Loyalty scheme – build up points to get free products or subscription boxes.
• Live masterclasses and tasting with our team and the makers of our amazing products.
• The Cocktail Concierge – a members hotline for assistance with anything to do with drinks from what whisky to buy a family member at Christmas to what bars you should visit on a city break. Our drinks expertise will be on hand to help with any queries.

We listen to our members and are constantly seeking feedback to improve our cocktail subscription and your membership, so please share anything and everything with us if you join.

The Clubhouse

This is our online magazine.

It’s got all sorts of great articles, recipes and how-to guides about cocktails…and other stuff.

Food and drink are a pair so we talk about our favourite pubs in the Cotswolds, the best new food products on the market and publish delicious recipes from top chefs.

The Clubhouse is the place you go to to get food and drinks inspiration.

What Else Do I Need To Know About The Cocktail Society?

Cocktails are so popular in the UK and at The Cocktail Society, we want to be at the forefront of a great at home drinking experience.

Alongside our cocktail subscription, we also develop cocktail gifts and experiences.

These maintain the same high quality as our subscription and are available in our shop.

These products really are ideal for gifting, in fact, the vast majority of our customers buy our products for a gift.

We see ourselves as sitting in the same space gifting posh chocs or a bouquet of flowers.

We are premium (the packaging, branding and contents are all top-notch – even the raffia!) and offer next day delivery as standard with gift messaging at checkout.

We are always looking at new products and hope to build the UK’s best online cocktail shops.

We are passionate about what we do and importantly we are immersed in the drinks industry so we can bring the best products to homes all over the UK (and who knows…one day maybe beyond these fair shores)

Who Are We?

AS we mentioned, The Cocktail Society has been developed and is managed by the team at The Cocktail Service (our Team page is here)

We’ve been running our drinks agency from our Oxford HQ for over ten years now and we are lucky enough to work on some incredible projects across the globe.

The team here is amazing. They develop all of our products and drinks in house. They batch all the cocktails and pack all of our cocktail products. They manage the member services.

They also manage all of the logistics. In fact, we do everything in house which means we have total control over our product.

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