The Cocktail Society May 2022 discovery box

Jump into Spring with our May 2022 Cocktail Discovery Box

Discover new cocktail flavours with our May 2022 discovery box

Who’s ready for the Jubilee then?

For such a special occasion it was only right that we crafted a refreshing and unique range of cocktails rom all across the British Isles for our May 2022 discovery box.

We’re talking a spicy and zesty Grapefruit Martini made with gin from Northamptonshire, a vodka and Aperol recipe featuring vodka from Sunderland.

Gin and cucumber combining in a take on the Gimlet cocktail.

Rum punch from Manchester, and cocoa cashews roasted in London.

If you’re planning a Jubilee party, check out our 8 tips for successful hosting.

But now, it’s time to dive into this month’s box.

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Bottled Cocktail 500ml

500ml bottled cocktail cucumber gimlet next to a The Cocktail Society box

First up in the May 2022 discovery box is our 500ml bottled cocktail.

Our Society members this month are spoiled for choice with the option of choosing one of our core range of bottled cocktails or a limited-edition recipe.

Our limited edition flavours this year are the Kumquat Cosmopolitan and the Cucumber French Gimlet.

The Kumquat Cosmo is made with citrus vodka, kumquat triple sec, cranberry juice, and is finished with orange bitters.

Our Cucumber French Gimlet combines classic spring flavours of gin and elderflower, balanced with cucumber bitters.

“The tangy sour citrus taste of kumquat works oh-so-well with the lime and cranberry notes from the classic cosmopolitan recipe. Or for the ultimate gin pairing, the addition of Cucumber to the French Gimlet is a cool and refreshing drink.”

– Charlotte, The Cocktail Society drinks consultant

These limited-edition flavours are only available for May’s cocktail discovery box, before we release new recipes.

May’s DIY Cocktails

Chilli and Grapefruit Martini

Chilli and Grapefruit Martini recipe in a coupe glass

Oh, the martini. A timeless classic, recreated in endless variations.

We’ve kept the classic gin base but switched vermouth for a hand-crafted grapefruit and chilli sherbet.

The Grapefruit and Chilli Martini is a blast of citrus blended with smooth gin, with a spicy finish.

Featuring Warner’s Gin

Warner's London Dry Gin

A gin that’s won The Gin Masters Master 2021, the San Francisco World Spirits Awards 2021 Gold AND The Gin Masters Silver (London Dry) 2019 is probably worth trying, right?

We’re big fans of Warner’s Gin here at The Society.

Maybe it’s their sustainable focus, putting people and planet before profit by sourcing local ingredients and donating profits to environmental projects.

Or perhaps it’s the fact that their gin just tastes so delicious.

(It’s probably a bit of both)

Their farm-grown, easy-drinking and gorgeous-tasting London Dry Gin is the essential gin if you love a G&T.

Notes of Lavender, Angelica root and Lemon Verbena and citrus peel.

The Bounty

The Bounty vodka and aperol recipe featured in the May 2022 cocktail box

No, it’s not named after the chocolate bar (though that’s definitely an idea to try next time!)

Instead, The Bounty cocktail is named after the generous helpings of premium ingredients.

Poetic Licence Distillery Vodka meets Aperol which our mixologists infused with strawberries and black pepper.

Topped with tonic water, it’s a refreshing and fruity serve perfect for the Jubilee weekend.

Featuring Poetic Licence Graceful Vodka

Poetic Licence Graceful Vodka from the May 2022 cocktail discovery box

Based in the North East of England, Poetic Licence’s Graceful Vodka is named after Gracie, the large copper still which makes their spirits.

It’s all about the unfamiliar with this distillery, with classic spirits brought to life in new ways.

An extra ingredient here, or a traditional step in the distilling process changed for something new and exciting.

Their Graceful Vodka is created entirely from British wheat.

Velvety and smooth, it’s been distilled seven times for purity.

A subtle and one-of-a-kind vodka, it’s safe to say we’ve never tasted anything quite like it.

Ready to Drink Cocktail of the Month: The Public Spirit Rum Punch

This spicy Mancunian offering from The Public Spirit is a mix of Original Spiced Rum, Golden Aged Rum, mixed with refreshing papaya, citrus, bitters and a dash of soda.

Society members will either receive The Public Spirit’s rum punch or their delicious rum and ginger premix.

This ready-to-drink cocktail is vegan, gluten-free, and comes in fully recyclable packaging.

As well as creating delicious cocktails, The Public Spirit is doing good with meals provided for every bottle or pack sold.

Partnering with local charities like The Mustard Tree, The Public Spirit gives back by providing food for those most in need.

That’s something we can definitely say “cheers” to.

Snacks of the Month:


Peapops Chickpea Crisps from The Cocktail Society May 2022 box

Forget shaken not stirred, our phrase is now going to be “popped not fried”.

These delicious chickpea crisps are made with all-natural ingredients.

Made with 20% plant-based protein, they make you feel fuller for longer.

Oh, and they’re gluten free, come with vegan and vegetarian options and have 60% less fat than regular fried crisps.

Buttermilk Salted Caramel Cups

Buttermilk Salted Caramel Cups from The Cocktail Society May 2022 box

Vegan and dairy free, these Salted Caramel Cups are delectable blasts of salty, gooey and potent caramel sweetness.

A sheer delight if you have any issues with dairy, and also for everyone craving a chocolatey treat.


Karu Cocoa Cashews from The Cocktail Society May 2022 box

You’d be nuts not to want to try Karu’s Cocoa Cashews.

Rich in minerals and vitamins, and roasted with no added oils, this is a tasty and healthy snack whether you’re hosting a Jubilee party or simply looking for something tasty to munch on.

Free Gift: The Berry Company Superberries Red

Superberries Red The Berry Company

Our good friends at The Berry Company blended pomegranates, cranberries and red grapes to make this juicy delight.

It’s floral and tart, with a dash of sweetness from the grapes.

Enjoy in a cocktail, as a mixer, or as a delicious drink in for every day.

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