Margarita Recipe









35ml Tequila
15ml Triple Sec
20ml Fresh Lime Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup


Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake hard. Fine strain into a martini glass.


Salt Rim

Pro Tip

For a salt rim, add a good amount of salt to a side plate or tea saucer (make sure the salt is not too course or it won’t stick). Take a lime wedge and make a small cut in the middle of the wedge in the flesh part. Take the glass and run the cut of the lime around the rim so it coats it with lime juice. Put the glass rim side down in the salt and give the rim a good coating of salt. It is important to remove any excess salt from the inside of the glass so it doesn’t affect the flavour of the Margarita (do this with a napkin).

About The Margarita

This Margarita recipe is tequila’s famous serve and is big in Mexico and the USA as you would imagine. Margaritas are another one of those versatile cocktails that allow you to try your hand at countless variations. many fruit liqueurs and fruits work well in the Margarita (as they do in Daiquiris also) and they can be served straight, on the rocks or as a frozen Margarita.


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