Celebrate Summer with our June 2022 Cocktail Discovery Box

Discover new cocktail flavours with The Cocktail Society's June 2022 cocktail discovery box

It’s time to celebrate the arrival of Summer with The Cocktail Society’s June 2022 cocktail discovery box!

Packed full of delicious cocktails and tasty treats, you can enjoy the perfect cocktail experience without the hassle.

Our limited edition bottled cocktail flavours are twists on classic summer cocktail recipes: a Coconut and Melon Margarita and a Lychee and Cherry Martini.

Get Your June Cocktail Box

The June 2022 cocktail discovery box is jam packed with cocktail goodies.

With 10-12 cocktails depending on the flavours you pick, snacks, recipe cards and a free gift, the box is worth £70. Our Society members get all this for just £40 – postage included!

Read on to discover what’s in June’s box.


Limited Edition Bottled Cocktail 500ml

Graphic showing June Bottled Cocktails Lychee and Cherry Martini and the Coconut and Melon Margarita from The Cocktail Society June 2022 cocktail discovery box
Choose from the Lychee and Cherry Martini or the Coconut and Melon Margarita in our June 2022 cocktail discovery box

This month’s limited edition bottled cocktails take refreshing summer flavours and combine them into some classic cocktails.

First up is the Coconut and Melon Margarita, made with premium tequila blanco.

Creamy coconut syrup meets the citrusy taste of the classic margarita.

Midori melon liqueur adds a sweetness to the drink and gives it a vibrant green colour.

Next is the Lychee and Cherry Martini. Sweet lychee juice and sharp cherry syrup perfectly complements botanical gin.

Both of these flavours are limited edition for June’s box only!

Members can also pick one of our core flavours including the ever popular Passion Fruit Martini and the Coconut and Kaffir Lime Daiquiri.


June’s DIY Cocktails – 4 Serves

Each month our Society members receive ingredients to make both of the month’s DIY cocktails.

Each cocktail makes two serves, so you’ll get four cocktails in total to make at home.

Southern Iced Tea

The hero spirit in this cocktail is Holy Grass Vodka from Dunnet Bay Distillers.

A celebration of local Scottish produce, Holy Grass takes it’s name from hero botanical Bison Grass.

To balance the sweetness, the vodka is infused with a carefully crafted vapour of Highland apple juice.

Holy Grass Vodka

Sipping it you’ll taste apple with hints of honeyed chamomile, with a light vanilla and spice note to finish.

So refreshing on it’s own, or in a cocktail!

Holy Grass Vodka is a celebration of local produce and botanicals, the spirit is infused with a carefully crafted vapour of Highland apple juice, to complement the sweetness of the Holy Grass.

Mixed in with the vodka is the delicious White Tea and Peach from The Berry Company.

White Tea Peach from The Berry Company

When we’re not mixing these in cocktails these are a massively popular option in the Society offices when we need a morning boost.

Moringa leaf native to India is blended with peach, lemon and white tea leaf extract which gives a wonderfully herbal aroma and flavour.

Rum Spumoni

The original Spumoni cocktail recipe looks and tastes like a classic Italian aperitif.

However it’s origins actually come from Japan where it’s something of a cult drink in the Japanese bar scene.

We’ve twisted the recipe by switching gin for Rosemullion Gold Rum from Cornwall.

A World Rum awards gold medal winner in 2020, this 100% single pot distilled Cornish rum is carefully oak-aged to give a smooth flavour.

Tropical pineapple and mango notes are balanced with a citrus lemon and lime aroma.

It’s a great sipper and also pairs exquisitely with the bitter Campari in the Rum Spumoni recipe.

Ready to Drink Cocktail of the Month:

Aluna Coconut Colada

Aluna coconut colada

Aluna Rum’s delicious Coconut Colada is a delicious, lower sugar, all-natural option for rum lovers.

Dreamt up by three friends over a beach barbeque, Aluna creates great rums with fresh ingredients but without being overpowered with a ton of sugar.

Their all-natural toasted coconut rum is made with premium rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean.

Sustainably sourced coconut water adds a wonderful smooth mouthfeel.

The Pina Colada is one of our-go to summer cocktails, and this canned version captures the classic pineapple and citrus flavours, along with a decadently creamy coconut edge.


Snacks of the Month:

Native Prawn Crackers

Native prawn crackers

Native make the world’s first vegan prawn crackers.

Yes, you heard that right.

Capturing the sight and smell of sizzling street food, these crackers are packed with flavour.

They’re so good you might just want them as your main rather than a starter!

With less than 99 calories per serve, these gluten-free snacks have 25% less fat than crisps.

Cheeky Ps

Cheeky P chickpea snacks

Bringing a slice of mischief in to every snack lovers life, Cheeky P’s crunchy chickpea snacks are full of flavour.

High in protein and fibre, and with a range of addictive flavours (we love the Chilli and Lime) they are ideal for pairing with a tasty cocktail or three.

Each pack is made with sustainably sourced Palm Oil, and each pack sold helps towards planting trees.

Totally cheeky. Totally delish.

Cornitos Nachos

Cornitos Nacho Crisps

Nachos with a spicy dip have to be the perfect addition to a margarita cocktail party, right?

Cornitos Nacho Crisps are bursting with natural flavour, from mild to wild.

Flavours include Lime and Mint, Thai Sweet Chilli, Barbeque, Peri Peri and Tikka Masala.

These nachos are vegetarian, gluten free, vegan.

They are also non GMO, cholesterol free and made with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

Basically, all the good stuff and no nasties!


Free Gift:

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee x Aluna

Aluna Coffee Liqueur and Jimmy's Iced Coffee

This month members receive not one, but two free gifts!

As well as a 5cl of Aluna Coffee Liqueur, we’re also including a can of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Mocha.

The good folk at Aluna Rum put us in touch with Jimmy’s Iced Coffee – the two gifts can be combined to make a delicious Rum Espresso Martini or a Coconut White Russian.

Founders Jim and Suze started Jimmy’s after trying an awesome iced coffee over in Australia.

Imagine a refreshing chocolate milk, with delicious coffee notes.

That’s the Jimmy’s Iced Mocha.

Made with single-origin, Rain Forest Alliance Coffee and Belgian chocolate.

Like us, Jimmy’s geek out a little when it comes to sustainable packaging so this canned iced coffee comes in an infinitely recyclable can.

Society members also get an exclusive discount on Jimmy’s Iced Coffee cans.


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