Godfather Cocktail Recipe

The Cocktail Society's Godfather Cocktail recipe. Learn how to make a Godfather Cocktail with our expert mixologists.




Old Fashioned



Godfather Cocktail Recipe Ingredients

25ml Scotch or Bourbon Whisky
25ml Amaretto

How to Make a Godfather Cocktail

Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass and stir over ice 5 times.

Strain into an old fashioned glass and serve with a giant ice cube.

Garnish: Orange Zest

Tell us about the Godfather Cocktail Recipe

Marlon Brando in The Godfather. It's suggested The Godfather Cocktail Recipe was a favourite of Brando's
Marlon Brando in The Godfather. It’s suggested The Godfather Cocktail Recipe was Brando’s favourite

The Godfather cocktail has a beautiful flavour, with the almond sweetness of the amaretto working in harmony with the full notes of bourbon whisky.

What’s more, this is a very, very easy cocktail to make. Two ingredients and chilled over ice.

It’s a cocktail offer you simply cannot refuse.

And no, we’re not sorry for making that joke.

According to Disarrono, the famed Amaretto brand, the drink was named after the 1970s film of the same name. It’s claimed it was the favourite of Marlon Brando, who famously portrayed Don Vito Corleone.

Given that the Italian American mafia is the focal point of this film, it would make sense that a drink of the same name would feature a famed Italian liqueur.

Another potentially apocryphal tale credits Donato “Duke” Antone with the creation of the drink back in the 1950s.

Various writers have explored these claims and found them to be less than credible however.

The Godfather is strong yet sweet. The perfect after dinner libation.

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