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Easy Cocktails To Make At Home

If you want to know how to make killer cocktails at home you are in the right place.

It really isn’t as tricky as you would imagine and with a little know-how and the ability to follow a recipe you can make some really great cocktails at home with ease.

We have created our list of easy cocktails to make at home to help you recreate that bar magic at home.

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Vodka Martini Cocktail Recipe

As ‘No Time to Die’ keeps getting postponed in cinemas you can capture the magic of the world-famous British spy in your own home with this easy cocktail. 

It’s only three ingredients so won’t break the bank and it really brings a high level of sophistication to a pyjama film night watching Skyfall. 

If you’re making this at home then it very much is a case of “shaken, not stirred” unless you like your Martini very strong. 

The process of shaking will really help to make sure the ingredients are diluted and mixed properly as well as being chilled. This will make drinking it a far more pleasurable experience. 


50ml Vodka
5ml Dry Vermouth
Garnish: Olives 

How To Make A Vodka Martini Cocktail

Build the cocktail in a shaker and shake well until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Serve in a Martini glass with three olives. Additional olives served on the side is optional 



Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe

Fingers crossed that when carnival season arrives we will all be able to go out into the streets and have break dancing competitions with police officers. But for the time being why not bring the carnival capital into your home in the form of Brazil’s national cocktail. 

The foundation of this refreshing cocktail is cachaça. If you haven’t heard of cachaça you can be forgiven. Made from sugarcane, this liquor is the highest distilled alcohol in Brazil. 

Though you can find it in most major supermarkets, it can be replaced with Vodka if you are struggling to source it. 

Not unlike a Mojito, this refreshing, easy cocktail will get you in the party mood even if it’s raining. 


60ml Cachaça
4-6 wedges of fresh lime
10ml simple syrup

Garnish: Lime wedge 

How To Make A Caipirinha Cocktail

Build the cocktail in a stirring glass. Mix vigorously allowing the lime juice to mix with the cocktail. Serve into a glass on the rocks and garnish with another slice of lime. 


Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

You will find it tricky to locate someone who doesn’t like a Moscow Mule. They aren’t necessarily everyone’s favourite, but they are an easy cocktail with a sure-fire no complaints policy. 

Perfect for any function or event, you can whip up a load of these very quickly to serve to guests or just enjoy yourself on a quiet night in. 

So-called because of its base of vodka and cold temperatures, the Moscow Mule is best served in a copper mug. The copper keeps the temperatures at their coldest which is the perfect way to enjoy this drink. 


50ml Vodka
15ml Lime juice
150ml Ginger Beer
3 Dashes of Angostura Bitters
Garnish: Lime Wedge 

How To Make A Moscow Mule Cocktail

Add all ingredients to a copper mug (the classic vessel for this cocktail) or a hi-ball glass. Fill with ice and stir gently.


Dark ‘n’ Stormy  Cocktail Recipe

Sometimes known as the cousin of the Moscow Mule for its ties to ginger beer, the Dark ‘n’ Stormy shakes things up for all those rum lovers out there. As Captain Jack asked, ‘why is the rum gone?’, well, you drank it all in this delicious, easy cocktail. 

Rum and ginger are a match made in heaven. Don’t believe us? Try it and tell us we are wrong while keeping a straight face. 

Originating in Bermuda it really is the drink of pirates and its dark colour lends to this scallywag fantasy of the stormy seas. 

But it’s not as simple as mixing any old rum, although you would be forgiven for doing so. In the 1800s James Gosling entered into the production of rum on the island where ginger was also a major export. He combined the two, thus creating this famous cocktail. So, if you want to call it a Dark ‘n’ Stormy you have to use Gosling’s Rum. 


50ml Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
15ml Lime juice
Top Ginger Beer
3 Dashes of Angostura Bitters
Garnish: Lime Wedge 

How To Make a Dark ‘n’ Stormy Cocktail

Add all ingredients to a hi-ball glass with ice, excluding the rum. Gently pour the rum onto the top of the cocktail to get the layered effect and garnish. Stir before drinking.


Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

Top 5 cocktails? A Daiquiri is definitely on that list. There are so many different variations on this easy cocktail, centred around the mighty rum, but it is universally acknowledged to be a refreshingly delicious drink. 

While making this cocktail at home, you don’t need to use a specific rum as you do with the Dark ‘n’ Stormy. Use your favourite brand or try out a few to see which one works best for your tastebuds. 

Given its diversity, this cocktail is fundamental at any event and an instant crowd-pleaser for all tastes. Serve with different fruit flavours, straight or frozen and you literally have enough variations of the same cocktail to serve an entire party. 


50ml Rum
35ml Lime Juice
15ml Simple Syrup
Garnish: Lime 

How To Make A Daiquiri Cocktail

Put the ingredients into a shaker and shake vigorously to really aerate the drink. Strain the mix twice to remove ice and serve in a Martini glass. 



Does the word classic even begin to sum up the Negroni? Probably not. People have been making and drinking this simple yet delicious cocktail for over a hundred years with no signs of boredom or need to change the recipe. 

Supposedly, Count Camillo Negroni asked a bartender to make a stronger version of his favourite cocktail, the Americano. Maybe he was having a tough day. In doing so the bartender replaced the soda with Gin, thus creating the Negroni. In fact, you can still visit the supposed bar in Florence where this east cocktail was born. 

Indeed, the famous author, Ernest Hemingway was an avid lover of a Negroni, mentioning it in some of his books. If it’s good enough for an Italian Count and Hemingway then it’s good enough for me.  


25ml Gin
25ml Sweet Vermouth
25ml Campari
Garnish: Dehydrated Orange Wheel 

How To Make A Negroni Cocktail

Build the cocktail in a mixing glass and stir with plenty of ice. Strain the drink into a rocks glass served, again, with plenty of ice. 


Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

Oh boy! Named The Cocktail Service’s champion of world cocktails, the Old Fashioned truly is the heavyweight of the cocktail universe. And yes, it’s easy to make at home. 

Ok, so it isn’t as easy as some of our other suggestions, but it is very manageable, and the quantity of ingredients makes it an affordable option. And trust us when we say that if you can nail this, your friends are going to be very impressed. 

Created by James E. Pepper in a New York hotel, you can really get a sense of the history of the drink as you sip away at it in your armchair and slippers. You can really picture yourself as a twentieth-century American gangster or millionaire. What else can we say? It’s a cool drink. 


50ml Bourbon
3 Dashes of Angostura Bitters
1 Brown Sugar Cube
Garnish: Flamed Orange Zest 

How To Make An Old Fashioned Cocktail

Combine the bitters and the sugar cube in a mixing glass. Add the bourbon in and begin to stir, introducing ice to the mix gradually until you have the preferred dilution. Strain into a rocks glass with large ice cubes and garnish with an orange peel. 


Bellini Cocktail Recipe

We are coming out of lockdown! I think that calls for some celebration and what better way than to pop open some bubbly.  

Prosecco on its own is great but the popularity of bubbly cocktails is growing rapidly with fruit mixers adding a whole new dimension to the drink experience. 

Created in Venice in Harry’s Bar, which you can still visit, the Bellini is traditionally combined with fresh peach but it really can be mixed with any fruit you prefer to appeal to all tastes. 

It is also definitely the easiest cocktail to make on this list and a very cheeky way of getting the Prosecco to stretch a little bit further at a party. 


100ml Prosecco
25ml Peach Puree 

How To Make A Bellini Cocktail

Measure out the amounts you want, so as to not overpower the flavours of each aspect. Stir together and serve in a flute glass. 


Bees Knees Cocktail Recipe 

The Bees Knees is another historic cocktail dating back to the prohibition era. Back then, the only alcohol going was the foul-tasting Moonshine which required heavy flavours to mask the taste of the spirit.   

Luckily for everyone involved, Moonshine no longer exists and the taste of spirits have vastly improved. As such the Bees Knees is now a fantastic, easy cocktail, that is packed full of flavour. 


50ml Gin
20ml Lemon Juice
15ml Honey Syrup 

Bees Knees Cocktail Recipe

Pour the mix into a shaker with ice and shake until aerated and mixed well. Double strain to get rid of all the ice and serve in a Martini Glass 


Dubonnet Cocktail Recipe 

If you fancy turning your home into Buckingham Palace on a budget, a Dubonnet might be a good place to start. 

A supposed firm favourite of the Royal Family, this easy cocktail is a great adaptation of the classic Gin Martini. The only difference being that the Vermouth is swapped for Dubonnet Rouge. 

Yep, we know you probably haven’t heard of it but it is surprisingly easy to find in most supermarkets and alcohol stores. Dubonnet is fortified wine (good start) with a blend of herbs, spices and quinine which has a lovely spiced, fruity taste to it. 

One sip will pack a gorgeous fruity punch with that lovely, familiar kick of Gin. It’s also not as well-known as some of the other easy cocktails so is a great one to try out and see for yourself. 


40ml Gin
20ml Dubonnet
Garnish: Lemon Zest 

How To Make A Dubbonet Cocktail

Very simply, build the cocktail in a mixing glass with plenty of ice. Stir until mixed and diluted to your liking then double strain into a Martini glass. Finally, finish with a garnish of lemon zest, your majesty. 

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