Easy Champagne Cocktail Recipes - rows of glasses filled with rose champagne
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11 Easy Champagne Cocktail Recipes to Impress Your Guests

As delicious as it is on its own, sparkling wine also makes for a great cocktail ingredient.

Keep things simple next time you’re looking for easy Champagne cocktail recipes. We’ve compiled 11 of the quickest, simplest recipes guaranteed to give your social a bit of fizz.


Which Champagne Should I use in Champagne Cocktails?

Two bottles of Moet Champagne in an ice bucket

As we covered in our ultimate guide to sparkling wine, Champagne is sparkling wine made in the Champagne region in France.

Which Champagne to use is a matter of personal taste.

We prefer Perrier-Jouët or Taittinger, as the crisp, clean flavours they provide pair well with other cocktail ingredients, without the hero Champagne taste being lost.

However, it’s up to you which you choose, so experiment until you find your favourite flavour combination.

You might even go for a different type of sparkling wine such as Cava, or Prosecco.


11 Easy Champagne Cocktail Recipes

Air Mail

A hand puts a green Air Mail cocktail onto a wooden table - easy champagne cocktail recipes


30ml Havana Club Rum
15ml Honey
15ml Lime Juice

How to make an Air Mail Cocktail

Add all ingredients bar the Champagne to a cocktail shaker.

Shake with ice, and then strain into a Champagne flute. Top with the fizz, and garnish with a twist of lemon

Tell us about the Air Mail Cocktail

Predating the Daiquiri, the Canchánchara is the oldest known cocktail in Cuba. Combining Rum, Lime and Honey, and topped with Club Soda, it’s a sharp yet sweet drink.

Why are we telling you this?

Well, fast forward a hundred years or so, and the water in the Canchánchara was replaced with Champagne, giving us the Air Mail.

Be careful – a few too many of these will send you flying.


Classic Champagne Cocktail


10ml Cognac
1 Brown Sugar Cube
2 Dashes Angostura Bitters
Top Champagne

How to make a Classic Champagne Cocktail

Pour the bitters over the brown sugar cube.

Drop the cube into a Champagne flute and pour in the Cognac.

Finally, top with Champagne. Voila!

Tell us about the Champagne Cocktail?

We couldn’t really leave this one off, could we?

When talking easy Champagne cocktail recipes this one is called classic for a reason.

First spotted in Jerry Thomas’s Bon Vivant’s Companion (an excellent read for the cocktail enthusiast) the origins of this drink are lost in time.

It’s a dry cocktail, with a sweet finish provided by the sugar.


Negroni Sbagliato

A woman holds an easy champagne cocktail - the negroni sbagliato


30ml Campari
30ml Red Vermouth
Champagne or Sparkling Wine

How to make a Negroni Sbagliato

Add ice to a rocks glass.

Add the Campari and Vermouth.

Lastly, pour on the Champagne and garnish with an orange slice.

Tell us about the Negroni Sbagliato

New cocktails are often the result of happy accidents. This no more so the case than with the Negroni Sbagliato, with “Sbagliato” meaning “mistaken” in Italian.

In 1972 bartender Mirko Stocchetto accidently added sparkling wine to the Negroni instead of gin.

If you like your bubbles but also enjoy the sharpness of a Negroni, then this is for you.


Death In The Afternoon


30ml Absinthe
120ml Champagne

How to make a Death In The Afternoon cocktail

Pour the Absinthe into a Champagne Glass.

Gently top with nicely chilled Champagne.

That’s it. Really.

Tell Us About The Death In The Afternoon cocktail

A killer name for a book; a killer cocktail.

Writer Ernest Hemingway certainly got the most out of the title, giving the name not only to his 1932 book on Spanish bull fighting, but also to this heady cocktail.

Hemingway suggested that the discerning drinker should imbibe “three to five of these, slowly”, but we urge caution!

This undoubtedly deserves it’s spot on any list of easy Champagne cocktail recipes – but the easiest cocktails are often the deadliest.


St Germain Champagne Cocktail

Three champagne flutes with a pale pink liquid sit in front of a bottle of Champagne


25ml St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
25ml Gin
12.5ml Lemon Juice
12.5ml Sugar Syrup
90ml Champagne

How to make a St Germain Champagne Cocktail

Shake all ingredients bar the Champagne in a shaker tin with ice.

Pour into a flute.

Top with Champagne and garnish with a lemon twist.

Tell us about the St Germain Champagne Cocktail

Despite the design of the bottle evoking the art deco world of the 1920s the St-Germain brand launched in 2007.

However, the history of elderflower distillation dates further back to the 1880s and beyond, and it’s these traditional techniques which St-Germain takes inspiration from.

The sweet sugar and floral elderflower flavours make this a perfect serve for a Summer evening.


Peach Bellini


100ml Prosecco
25ml Peach Puree

How to make a Peach Bellini

Build the ingredients in a flute glass.

Add the puree first, then gently pour the Prosecco over a bar spoon into the glass.

Using the spoon should create a layered effect.

Tell us about the Peach Bellini

Yes, it has Prosecco listed rather than Champagne, but in our opinion, you can use either.

Invented at Harry’s Bar in Venice somewhere between 1934 and 1948, the drink was inspired by the pink colour of a toga worn by a saint in a 15th-century painting by Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini.

Now a mainstay at bottomless brunches, hen dos and weddings, this really is one of the easiest cocktails to make.


Aperol Spritz



75ml Champagne or Prosecco
50ml Aperol
Top Soda

How to make an Aperol Spritz

Pour the sparkling wine into a wine glass filled with ice.

Add the Aperol and then top with soda.

Garnish with an orange slice.

Tell us about the Aperol Spritz

It seems like this drink was only invented recently but it’s actually been around since the 1950s. Find out all about the Aperol Spritz.


Kir Royale


110ml Champagne
15ml Crème de Cassis

How to make a Kir Royale Cocktail

Pour the Crème de Cassis into a flute.

Slowly pour Champagne on top.

Garnish with a blackberry.

Tell us about the Kir Royale

The Kir Royale was created by French priest Canon Felix Kir who was a hero of the French resistance in World War II.

He first created the Kir cocktail which featured white wine rather than Champagne before upgrading to fizz.


Russian Spring Punch

A pink drink in a champagne flute similar to a Russian Spring Punch


50ml Champagne
45ml Vodka
7.5ml Crème de Framboise
7.5ml Crème de Cassis
22.5ml Lemon Juice
7.5ml Sugar Syrup
A handful of fresh Raspberries

How to make a Russian Spring Punch

Fill a sling or tall tumbler glass with ice.

Shake the raspberries, vodka, crème de framboise, crème de cassis, sugar syrup, and lemon juice with ice.

Pour the mix into the glass and top with Champagne.

Tell us about the Russian Spring Punch

Another classic created by London bar supremo Dick Bradsell in the 1980s.

Legend goes that Bradsell created the drink for friends looking to keep costs for an upcoming party in control. Guests were provided with most ingredients but asked to bring their own sparkling wine.


Atomic Cocktail

A rounded coupe Champagne glass containing what looks like an Atomic Cocktail


30ml Vodka
30ml Cognac
20ml Sherry
20ml Champagne

How to make an Atomic Cocktail

Tell us about the Atomic Cocktail

In the 1950s Las Vegas was known as “Atomic City” due to its prominence to nuclear testing sites in Nevada.

This drink which was popular at the Sky Room of the Desert Inn, overlooking the city, certainly packs quite a punch.

Take it easy with this cocktail however. The 1945 song of the same name by Slim Gaillard notes that “when you take one sip you won’t need anymore”.



A line of red Poinsettia easy champagne cocktail recipes in a flute glasses


25ml Orange Liqueur
75ml Cranberry Juice
90ml Champagne

How to make the Poinsettia Cocktail

Add the Orange Liqueur to a flute.

Pour in the Champagne and then top with the cranberry juice.

Garnish with an orange twist.

Tell us about the Poinsettia Cocktail

This drink is named after the Poinsettia flower, and mimics it with its deep red appearance.

The orange flavour makes this one of the best easy Champagne cocktail recipes for Christmas. However, the refreshing cranberry means this delight can be enjoyed at any time of the year.


Easy Champagne Cocktail Recipes: Just the Beginning

Once you’ve mastered these simple serves, why not check out our other cocktail compilations on our Clubhouse Blog?

Other easy champagne cocktail recipes include the French 75 which we featured in our round up of easy summer cocktails.

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