9 Delicious Margarita Cocktail Recipes

The Cocktail Society guides you through the easiest Margarita cocktail recipes.

Who doesn’t love a margarita? 

Even if you don’t like tequila, the combination with triple sec, lime, and countless fruit variations means that the classic margarita is one of the most popular cocktails worldwide. 

Below we’ve compiled some of the best margarita recipes for you to test out and try yourself. We have original, fruity, and even frozen variations so we’re sure there’s a margarita on this list for you!

Our Favourite Margarita Cocktail Recipe: Tommy’s Margarita

Tommy’s Margarita 

The Tommy's Margarita recipe, on a table. Shot by Edward Howell, Unsplash

Created in the 1990s in San Francisco, the Tommy’s Margarita recipe uses agave as a sweetening ingredient over triple sec (orange liqueur). 

The reason this works so well is that tequila is produced using the agave plant so these ingredients perfectly complement each other.

Reposado tequila meets smokey, sweet agave syrup and lime juice. Your mouth will explode a combination of sharp and sweet flavours.


The Best Margarita Cocktail Recipes

Watermelon Margarita Recipe

A bottle of KAH tequila next to the watermelon margarita recipe

Made with KAH tequila, this beauty featured in our cocktail discovery box.

Watermelon Margarita recipe

Original Margarita Recipe


The original margarita recipe is also arguably the best! 

A simple combination of tequila, triple sec, lime juice and sugar syrup create a sweet cocktail with mass appeal.

This builds the foundation for the countless margarita variations that you might have come across. 

Did you know – there are approximately 185,000 margaritas consumed per hour in the US!


Mezcal Margarita 


A mezcal margarita uses tequila’s less popular (yet growing cousin) mezcal to create a margarita that boasts more of a smokey flavour.

Similar to Tommy’s margarita above, mezcal is an agave-based spirit used in place of tequila but also uses agave to add sweetness to this otherwise smokey cocktail. Be sure to read more on the best mezcal brands.

Adjust the quantity of agave to match your individual palate though.  


45ml Mezcal

25ml Triple Sec

25ml Lime Juice

10ml Agave Syrup


Shake all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker until the shaker becomes cold to touch. Strain into an ice-filled low ball glass and add a lime wedge for garnish.


Homemade Margarita Mix

Margarita mix is a very popular option for parties of large groups. The pre-batched mix takes the headache out of preparing ingredients but a store-bought margarita mix has one major drawback – artificial ingredients. 

A homemade margarita mix requires a bit more effort than adding it to your Amazon basket but for the quality of ingredients and overall end product, it’s an option we’d definitely recommend trying. 


250ml Lime Juice (around 10 – 12 freshly squeezed limes)

100g Sugar

235ml Water

125ml Triple Sec

* Serves 8


Squeeze the limes into a bowl. Add to heat the water, lime juice and sugar over a medium heat, whisking occasionally until the sugar has dissolved and then leave to cool.

Once cool, stir in the triple sec and place in an airtight sealable bottle (like a Kilner jar). Store in the fridge for up to one week.  

To serve, use 60ml tequila combined with 60ml margarita mix.


Easy Margarita Recipes

Skinny Margarita 

Three rocks glasses with homemade margarita mix

A skinny margarita is a popular option for modern-day drinkers that want to watch their weight whilst still enjoying an alcoholic beverage. With 40% fewer calories than an original margarita, a skinny margarita can definitely be your guilty pleasure. 


50ml Silver Tequila

45ml Lime Juice

30ml Orange Juice

5ml Agave Syrup


Shake all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice until it becomes cold to touch. Strain into a low ball glass filled with ice and garnish with a lime wedge. 


Passion Fruit Margarita

This tropical take on a margarita is fruity yet subtle and doesn’t take away from the original recipe. 

Adding the passion fruit is satisfying to do but also adds a sophisticated touch so this is definitely a margarita recipe that is best for a date!


45ml Reposado Tequila

25ml Triple Sec

25ml Lime Juice

30ml Passion Fruit Pulp


Scoop out ½ a fresh passion fruit (set aside the other ½ for garnish) and add it to a shaker filled with ice. Add all other ingredients and shake until chilled. 

Strain into a chilled coupe glass and float the other ½ passion fruit for garnish.


Frozen Margarita Cocktail Recipes

Frozen Margarita 

Like the original margarita but with more texture, a frozen margarita is one of the most refreshing cocktails you could opt for. Ideal for a warm summer’s day or house gathering. 


50ml Tequila

25ml Triple Sec

25ml Lime Juice

15ml Sugar Syrup


Add all ingredients with a large cup of ice to a blender. Blend until smooth and pour into a margarita or cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime wedge. 


Frozen Strawberry Margarita

Strawberry Margarita cocktail recipe

The only thing better than a frozen margarita is its fruitier and more refreshing variation – the frozen strawberry margarita. 

Frozen strawberries are crucial for this recipe as fresh strawberries won’t give the same consistency or texture to the cocktail. You can, however, find an alternative recipe that uses fresh strawberries if this is your preference. 


1 Cup Ice

450g Frozen Strawberries

50ml Tequila

25ml Cointreau

25ml Lime Juice


Add all ingredients to a blender (make sure it’s a heavy-duty one and not a bullet) and blend briefly to mix all ingredients. 

Pour into a chilled martini or rocks glass and garnish with a fresh strawberry.


Mocktail Margaritas

Virgin Margarita 

You don’t need alcohol to enjoy a margarita. The virgin margarita gives a refreshing and sweet drink, all without the hangover or additional calories. 


45ml Fresh Lime Juice

30ml Fresh Orange Juice

15ml Fresh Lemon Juice

10ml Agave Syrup

Top Soda Water


Add all measured ingredients above into a shaker filled with ice. Shake until chilled and strain into a cocktail glass filled with ice. 

Top with soda water and add a lime wedge for garnish. 


Additional Note

For all margarita cocktail recipes, it’s standard practice to salt the rim for your chosen glassware before serving.


The Best Margarita You’ve Never Tasted

We’ve spent countless hours creating a bottled Margarita recipe which is fresh and vibrant, with that unmistakable agave flavour.

Our Tommy’s Margarita bottled cocktail comes in 500ml or 200ml, and is made with premium ingredients. Perfect for a late afternoon sipper, or to share with friends.