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Cosmopolitan Recipe Ingredients

25ml Citron Vodka
25ml Cointreau
7.5ml Lime Juice
50ml Cranberry Juice
2 Dashes Orange Bitters (optional)

How To Make A Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. If using fresh lime then squeeze 1 lime wedge into the shaker and discard the juiced fruit. Top the cocktail shaker with cubed ice and shake hard. Fine strain the Cosmopolitan cocktail into a martini.


Flamed Orange

Tell Us About The Cosmopolitan Cocktail

The Cosmopolitan recipe in its modern guise was created by bartender Tony Cecchini. He took his inspiration from what he felt was a cocktail of questionable taste – using generally poor quality vodka, lime cordial and grenadine. He was introduced to it and felt he could do a better job. Tony upgraded the base ingredients with citron vodka, fresh lime and cranberry juice. It was an instantaneous hit and was a massive cocktail over the 90s and 2000s.

Expert Tip

Flaming the orange zest is not a work of magic – it’s actually relatively easy. the disclaimer here is you will need a flame from a match or lighter so go carefully. Find a nice firm orange (the firmer the orange the easier to extract the orange oil which is burnt) and cut a disc the size of a 2p piece from it. Holding the disc between your thumb and forefinger, skin side out, and raise the flame to just in front of the orange skin. Hold it over the cocktail and squeeze the edges of the zest. The orange oil will be extracted and the flame will light it. This gives the cocktail a lovely toasted orange flavour that compliments the cocktail.

Did You Know?

The insanely popular US show,  Sex and The City was responsible for launching several cultural phenomenons. The Cosmopolitan was one of the biggest. The popularity of this cocktail went stratospheric after it was featured in the programme.


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