Clover Club Recipe

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Clover Club Recipe - Clover Club Cocktail







Clover Club Cocktail Recipe Ingredients

50ml Gin
10ml Fresh Lemon Juice
10ml Grenadine
10ml Sweet Vermouth
5 Raspberries
Egg White

How to make a Clover Club Cocktail

Muddle the raspberries in the bottom of a boston shaker, add all remaining ingredients and shake hard.

Then add ice and shake again.

Fine strain into a martini ensuring a nice foam head.

Garnish with three raspberries on a cocktail stick.

Tell Us About The Clover Club Recipe

Some say this classic cocktail dates as far back as 1896.

What we do know: the first written record of the drink was in the New York Press in 1901, predating prohibition.

It is named after legendary Philadelphia men’s club of the same name who met at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in the city.

“Who enters here leaves care behind,
leaves sorrow behind, leaves petty
envies and jealousies behind.”

-The original Clover Club Motto

For a time, The Clover Club was the drink to be seen drinking.

It appeared at swanky bars like the Waldorf Astoria. Famed writer William Butler Yeats was reported to have drank three in a row, such was his liking for the drink.

However, it fell out of popularity in the 1930s, with drinkers switching to beverages like the martini.

The Clover Club Recipe Reborn

The interior of Clover Club New York, named after the Clover Club recipe
The interior of Clover Club New York, named after the Clover Club recipe

In 2009, bartender Julie Reiner took interest in the Clover Club.

After learning from legendary bartender Dale DeGroff, Reiner opened the legendary Flatiron Lounge, which focused on classic cocktails.

It’s no surprise then that she would be interested in a long ignored recipe from the early 1900s.

Reiner modernised the recipe, reinstating the vermouth which had been removed from some versions.

She even named her Brooklyn bar after the drink.

As a trailblazing cheerleader for women in the drinks industry, it’s fitting that Reiner should reinvent this classic from the era of men’s only clubs.

The Society Recommends: Reiner’s 2015 book “The Craft Cocktail Party” which aims to make classic cocktails attainable to a modern audience, is well worth a read.