Christmas Gin Espresso Martini Recipe

Learn how to make a festive Christmas Gin Espresso Martini which featured in our December Cocktail Subscription Box
Christmas Gin Espresso Martini







The Espresso Martini is so in right now, so it was only right for us to create a riff on the original 1980s recipe.

– Charlotte, The Cocktail Society mixologist

How to Make the Christmas Gin Espresso Martini Recipe


50ml Warner’s Christmas Cake Gin
50ml Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee
15ml Monin Sugar Syrup


Add all ingredients into a shaker. Shake all ingredients very hard, to create the signature foamy head and fine strain into a martini glass.


Grated Chocolate or Three Coffee Beans

What is a Gin Espresso Martini?

Espresso Martinis are classically made with Vodka. British bar icon Dick Bradsel invented the drink at The Soho Brasserie in the 1980s.

However, traditions are meant to be broken, and the history of the cocktail is one of invention and discovery.

For this festive cocktail, our mixologists took Warner’s limited edition Christmas Cake Gin filled with chocolate, treacle and fruit flavours, and combined it with Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee.

The result?

A rich and indulgent martini, with the classic coffee flavours you’d associate with the Espresso Martini recipe but with the addition of sloe berries, cherry juice, black treacle and dark chocolate notes. Need we say more?


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