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These are 13 of the Best Christmas Cocktails

Our expert mixologists list the best Christmas cocktails - learn how to make Christmas cocktail recipes for every part of Christmas Day

Christmas Cocktails With Prosecco

Buck’s Fizz

Buck's Fizz Recipe

This is one of the easiest recipes for Christmas cocktails – so it’s no wonder it became a classic.

Invented in the 1920s at the elite Buck’s Club in London, it’s since become a staple of Christmas mornings across the UK.


200ml Champagne
100ml Fresh Orange Juice

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The Poinsettia winter cocktail recipe

If you prefer a more delicate flavour than the simple mix of Orange and Champagne, try the Poinsettia instead.

Named after the red colour similar to the plant of the same name, the mix of orange from the Cointreau, mixed with refreshing cranberry is a winner.


75ml Champagne
25ml Cointreau
75ml Cranberry Juice

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Christmas Cocktails With Whisky

A warming nip of Whisky is a go-to for many at Christmas. Make the most of this spirit with our Whisky cocktail recipes for Christmas.


Fireside cocktail recipe

A warming fire and roast chestnuts are synonymous with the festive season. We mixed up this Christmas cocktail recipe in 2019 and it’s been a hit ever since.


30ml Whisky – we used Dubliner
10ml Chestnut Liqueur
25ml Pear & Vanilla Shrub – check our guide to making easy cocktail syrups


Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass.

Serve in a rocks glass filled with cubed ice.

Garnish with a pear fan and cinnamon stick.


The Pigs in Blankets Cocktail

The Pig in Blanket cocktail from The Cocktail Society's Christmas dinner cocktails range

You might think bacon and cocktails would not go together – but you’d be wrong.

In this case, the classic Old Fashioned Recipe (which works perfectly as a Christmas Day cocktail on its own) is adapted by infusing the whisky with crispy bacon flavours.

There is quite a lengthy preparation process for this cocktail, as you then need to freeze the mix to separate the fat, leaving only the delicious whisky.

We think it’s worth it, however.

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Best Christmas Cocktails with Vodka

We love vodka for its adaptability – it mixes well with nearly all ingredients. Here are some delicious vodka Christmas party cocktail recipes.

Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini cocktail kit from The Cocktail Society

The potent mix of rich coffee and vodka is a winning combination – especially if you need a livener in the afternoon on Christmas day.


25ml Vodka
25ml Coffee Liqueur
50ml Fresh Espresso Coffee
5ml Sugar Syrup


Shake well with ice, and then strain into a chilled martini glass.

Want to make it at home? Try our Espresso Martini Cocktail Making Kit which includes everything you need to make 4 serves.

Love cocktails but don’t have the time to make them? Our Salted Caramel Espresso Martini Bottled Cocktail is a pre-mixed, ready to drink version of this classic Christmas cocktail recipe.

Simply add ice and shake it for 10 seconds and you’re ready to go!

Love Espresso Martinis? Check out our alternative Christmas Espresso Martini with a gin twist.


Holly Sour

This twist on the iconic Vodka Sour recipe uses the herbal, mint-y flavour of Chartreuse to evoke memories of Holly leaves.


50ml Vodka
20ml Chartreuse
35ml Lemon Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
Egg White or vegan alternative like Ms. Better’s Bitters


Shake all ingredients with cubed ice. Add fresh ice to a rocks glass then strain the mix in.


Gingerbread White Russian

A Christmas Cinnamon and Nutmeg White Russian

An adaption of the classic White Russian recipe, which adds gingerbread syrup. Easy to make, creamy and delicious – this easy Christmas cocktail recipe is not to be missed.


25ml Vodka
25ml Coffee Liqueur
75ml Half/Half Mix (half Milk, half Cream)
25ml Gingerbread Syrup


Add the vodka, liqueur, and syrup to a rocks glass with ice and stir.

Top with the half and half mix.


Best Christmas Cocktails with Gin

Sloe Negroni

Best Negroni Recipes - The Contessa Cocktail

The Negroni’s popularity has rocketed in recent decades, with cocktail lovers around the world falling for the charms of this well-balanced drink.

Our take mixes Sloe Gin, along with the essential Campari and Vermouth.


25ml Sloe Gin
25ml Campari
25ml Martini Rosso
25ml Cinnamon Tangerine and Clove syrup


Mix all ingredients in a mixing glass and pour into a chilled rocks glass.

Try our pre-mixed Oak Aged Sloe Negroni – available in 200ml or 500ml


Sloeberry Lemonade

Sloeberry lemonade cocktail recipe from The Cocktail Society


50ml Pomegranate Juice
20ml Sloe Gin
10ml Lemon Juice
20ml Limoncello
25ml Soda


Add all of the ingredients except the soda into a mixer and shake with ice.

Strain into a hi-ball glass filled with cubed ice.

Top with soda.


The Salmon Starter Martini

Created as part of a trio of Christmas Dinner Flavoured Cocktails, this unique martini mimics the flavours of a classic Christmas starter.


50ml Salmon and pepper infused Hendrick’s Gin
12.5ml Dolin Chambery Vermouth infused with dill
Cucumber Bitters

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Best Christmas Cocktails With Rum

Jingle Juice

Jingle Juice Cocktail Recipe


40ml Pampero Añejo Rum
25ml Gingerbread & Honey syrup
15ml Fresh Lemon juice
40ml Pineapple Juice
3 Drops Ms. Better’s Bitters
2 Raspberries


Firstly, add your ingredients to the shaker and dry shake without ice.

Then add ice to the shaker tin, and wet shake.

Strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with a dehydrated orange slice.


Christmas Cocktail Recipes with Tequila

Pomegranate Paloma

The warming, smoky hit from a really good quality Tequila makes for a delicious Christmas day cocktail. Switch the grapefruit juice from the original Paloma cocktail recipe for pomegranate for this festive drink.

Pomegranate Paloma


50ml Reposado or Blanco Tequila
15ml Fresh Lime Juice
5ml Agave Syrup
25ml Pomegranate Juice
Grapefruit Soda


Add all ingredients into the glass in order over cubed ice.

Mix in the glass and then top with soda.


Best Brandy Christmas Cocktail Recipes


Christmas Pudding Martini

The Christmas Pudding Martini, a winter cocktail created as part of our Christmas dinner cocktails campaign

Our mixology team created this beauty as part of a range of cocktails capturing the taste of Christmas dinner.

The drink can be served cold, like a traditional martini, but it’s best experienced warm, as the main ingredient brandy is traditionally served in a heated glass.

Experience the flavour of all 12 ingredients which make up a traditional Christmas pudding with this unique winter cocktail recipe.

Try the recipes for this and our other Christmas Dinner Flavoured Cocktails.


The Best Christmas Cocktails Reviewed

Christmas is a time for sharing, and so there’s no better time to impress friends and family with your cocktail making skills.

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