Autumn Cocktails on two leaves

13 Easy Autumn Cocktails: Best Cocktails Recipes for Autumn

From Apple and Pear flavours, to Smoky Bourbons and sweet honey - what makes an awesome Autumn Cocktail?

Autumn is here! Along with walks through the woods in crisp Autumn sunlight there is another reason to celebrate: delicious Autumn cocktails!

Many of these drinks take direct inspiration from the season; others simply work well at this time of year due to their ingredients.

Here are the best Autumn Cocktails to try this season:



A Bramble cocktail next to a half lemon and some blackberries

If you had to pick one of the many Autumn cocktails to choose one which encapsulated the essence of the season, it would be the Bramble.

The name evokes a scene of picking fruit in the early Autumn, and rightly so. Bartender Dick Bradsell drew on memories of his family holidays when creating this drink.

Refreshing and delicious, the Bramble is rightly a classic.

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Pear Sour

Pear Sour Recipe - The Pear Sour Cocktail on a table

Though apples are often what you think of when the word “Autumn” is mentioned, the humble pear should not be forgotten.

This twist on the classic sour recipe takes pear brandy and mixes with pear nectar, sugar, and lemon. Lip-smackingly delectable.

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Harvest Cocktail

Harvest Cocktail by Autumn leaves

As you can tell from the name, this cocktail takes inspiration from the Autumn harvest.

It’s colour perfectly matches the shade of burnt orange Autumn leaves.

A potent mix of Calvados Apple brandy, a digestif called Cardamaro amaro, and Angostura Bitters.

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Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves Cocktail Recipe

We love everything about this cocktail.

Its name instantly evokes that Autumn feel, and you can picture yourself sipping one by a campfire.

Like other Autumn cocktails, it uses Calvados Apple brandy as its main spirit, but it’s the mix of Sweet and Dry Vermouth, with a hit of Cognac, that gives it a rich and elegant flavour.

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Toffee Apple Martini

A Toffee Apple Martini created by The Cocktail Society in a bed of Autumn leaves

This drink takes you right back to childhood bonfire nights munching away on a sugary toffee apple.

We created this drink as part of our events menu a few years back and it’s never failed to delight the crowd.

It’s also fairly easy to make: a mix of Bourbon, Cloudy Apple Juice, Lemon Juice, and Honey.

But what resemblance does this have to the classic gin martini? Read our full breakdown to find out:

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Maple Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned Cocktail in a rocks glass with orange slice garnish on a wooden table

Maple syrup is delightful at any time of year, especially on pancakes.

It also makes a devilishly good ingredient in Autumn cocktails.

The Old Fashioned is rightly a classic, but we think the addition of Maple really sets this drink apart.

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Blackberry Negroni

The ever popular Negroni recipe is one of the simplest cocktails to make at home.

We put an autumn spin on the drink in one of our recent cocktail subscription boxes by using Slingby Blackberry Gin.

The Blackberry Negroni recipe is a perfect autumn sipper you need to try.


Apple Cider Mimosa

Apple Cider Mimosa

Autumn cocktails aren’t just about smoky, deep flavours.

They should also be fun!

Luckily, the Mimosa, that staple of bottomless brunches around the world, is a super adaptable drink.

The original recipe contained just two ingredients: orange juice and Champagne.

This Autumn update replaces the orange for Apple cider. Delicious and very easy to make.

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Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy Cocktail

There’s not much known about the origins of this warming cocktail. It’s thought to have originated in India during the 1600s.

What we do know: it’s a delight on a crisp Autumn day.

It’s also super easy to make. Whisky, hot water, lemon juice and sugar syrup mixed in a glass. Easy.

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Cinnamon Mezcal Sour

Cinnamon Mezcal Sour, an Autumn Cocktail Recipe shot by Bonnie Kittle

Due to being made in Mexico, Tequila and Mezcal are often associated with Summer and sunny days.

However, the smokiness inherent in some Mezcals makes it a great ingredient for an Autumn cocktail recipe.

This recipe takes the classic Sour cocktail which you’ll likely have tried at some point and adds Mezcal and Cinnamon for a warming Autumn treat.

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Mezcal Negroni

Mezcal Negroni, a great Autumn Cocktail, on a log by a campfire

The classic Negroni is one of the most popular cocktails in the world, and for good reason.

The simple mix of Campari, Gin, and Vermouth just work so well together.

However, Mezcal is as punchy as gin in terms of flavour, and the smokiness in this Autumn cocktail brings a lovely element to balance out the bitterness of the Campari.

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Can I drink these cocktails at other times of the year?

As we mention in our Fallen Leaves cocktail recipe article, bartender and author Charles Schumann notes that knowing the “hour” of the cocktail is a vital if you want to create a classic drink.

As he writes in The American Bar, “bartenders and bars have often gone down in history for having created the ideal cocktail for certain occasions.”

We’d agree with this, but also note that rules are meant to be broken. All of these Autumn cocktails are perfect to enjoy during Autumn, Winter and beyond.

There’s nothing to say you can’t sip a Maple Old Fashioned during July if you so wish!

We’d love to know what you thought of these delicious Autumn cocktail recipes. Say hello or find us on our socials.