Mother's Cocktail Hamper from The Cocktail Society including a 500ml bottled cocktail, ready to drink cocktails, snacks and more. The perfect cocktail gift ideas for Mother's Day
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10 Unique Cocktail Mother’s day gift ideas

Mother’s day gift ideas can be a tricky one, but don’t panic. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift, we’ve got you covered.

Cocktail gifts are becoming more and more popular, so if your Mum likes a drink (or ten!) perhaps consider one of the following cocktail gift ideas to stretch that smile across their face.

Even if they aren’t an avid cocktail drinker, the process of making cocktails is becoming very popular, particularly during recent months. A cocktail gift might seem a bit rogue but trust us when we say, Mum will love it!




Three bottles of prosecco mixers alongside passionfruit, mango and other fruits

Who doesn’t like to mark a special occasion with some bubbly?

Every Mum on Earth wants their son or daughter to bring them a glass of Champagne or Prosecco with Lunch, afternoon tea, Dinner and then maybe one or two in the evening.

But you can make that glass even tastier. With these three Prosecco mixers, you can turn your Mum’s glass of bubbly into a delicious, simple cocktail that still packs a punch.

What’s more, Champagne and Prosecco cocktails are becoming very trendy, competing with the bar goers’ favourites. Bringing this experience into you home for Mother’s Day is a great, easy way to pretend you’re living it up in your favourite bar this March.


2) Mother’s Day Cocktail Hamper


Mother's Cocktail Hamper from The Cocktail Society including a 500ml bottled cocktail, ready to drink cocktails, snacks and more. The perfect cocktail gift ideas for Mother's Day

Answering your prayers, next up is our very own specially designed Mother’s Day hamper. Carefully selected treats and snacks paired perfectly with their very own premium pre-mixed cocktail.

The hamper comes with an Espresso Martini Cocktail, a marmalade and apricot gin spritz and a DIY cocktail pack with Chase GB Gin.

With something for every taste, it’s the perfect, ready-made hamper for every mother to enjoy.




A Richard Brendon Diamond Mixing Glass

Mixing glasses have the widest price variation of all of these gifts making it perfect for any occasion no matter the importance. From slick chrome metal to crystal glass, this cocktail kit essential will be sure to bring a smile to the face of the recipient.

So, what is a mixing glass? Very simple, a mixing glass is used to rapidly cool a cocktail by mixing it with ice before serving. How is this different to a shaker? Put plainly, it can be a lot down to preference.

As James Bond said regarding his Martini, ‘shaken, not stirred’. Having said that there are some tangible differences to a stirred cocktail and some actively require it to produce the perfect flavour.

By stirring the spirits into the mixers, it allows the body of the drink to stay very much at the forefront, keeping the flavour of the liquor at the heart of the drink.

Shaking a cocktail will often dilute the drink more, mixing it more thoroughly. As such you should never find yourself shaking the likes of an Old Fashioned or a Negroni.




A gold coloured Usagi heavyweight cobbler shaker

The cocktail shaker is an absolute essential for any budding cocktail enthusiast’s cocktail kit. Not only is it a fundamental tool for mixing a vast variety of drinks, but it also looks cool!

In every bar you have ever been to buy cocktails, you will find a bartender shaking a drink over his shoulder ready to be poured into a tall glass and served to an excited customer.

There is something intrinsically pleasurable about replicating this action in your own home, and despite its simplicity, it is bound to impress your friends and convince them you know exactly what you are doing.

But what is the shaker for? The process of shaking a drink is similar to mixing but the added force helps to aerate, dilute, and chill the drink faster.

It is always advisable to shake a cocktail when using cream, eggs, or any dairy product. This causes a lovely foam to form on the top of the cocktail when poured.

Gifting a cocktail shaker is a great way to allow the receiver to take their cocktail making to the next level.




A clear glass 70cl bottle of Royal Dragon Imperial with Gold Leaves Vodka

When discussing cocktails, the absolute essential is the spirit. Nearly all cocktails are based around a specific liquor onto which flavours are added.

A staple for a lot of these drinks is the mighty Vodka. However, as I am sure you are aware, one Vodka can be very different to another, and a cheap bottle can ruin even the most basic of cocktails.

The solution? Buy your friend or loved one the correct Vodka and their Martini will be infinitely better.

So how do you know the right Vodka? Well price is a good indication.

When it comes of spirits you really do get what you pay for, but if you know where to look you can find hidden gems without having to spend hundreds of pounds.

While you can buy Vodkas for literally up to over a million pounds, a delicious bottle of Belvedere will set you back just under £30, or if your budget is a bit higher, Royal Dragon will be a fantastic gift, coming in at just under £50.

Our only major piece of advice, leave Tesco’s value for the kids at the house parties.



From £55.00

cocktail gift ideas for mother's day

Now this might be the perfect gift for these strange times.

Whether you are in lockdown or looking to meet up with family you haven’t been able to see for weeks or even months, a cocktail making class is a really fun way to get together and have a laugh over some drinks.

Whether your Mum is a cocktail novice or budding home bartender, a cocktail making class is the perfect way for them to build on their skills and learn more about this fun, tasty talent.

Not only that, the majority of classes are for more than one person meaning you too get to share in this fun gift, whether that is virtually or in person.




dartington crystal limelight cut martini glass

Cocktail glasses come in all shapes and sizes and are specific for each drink. The kind of glass you serve a Martini would be different to that of an Old Fashioned, so buying the perfect glass can be tricky.

However, you can buy cocktail sets with multiple different glass types in them.

Alternatively, if you know your Mum’s favourite cocktail you could splash out for a set of a specific type such as a pair of Highball glasses or champagne saucers.

Much like the mixing glass, cocktail glasses retail from a range of prices and quality. Depending on your budget you can gift some crystal glasses or find some quality cheaper versions.

Either way, no cocktail enthusiast should be without the appropriate serving implement.



From £12.00


You and your Mum might love cocktails but hate the idea of having to make them yourself, in fact you long for the day you can sit down in your favourite booth in the bar and order Martini after Martini.

Well, a quality pre-mixed cocktail might be a perfect gift for them. The concept of a pre-mixed cocktail has come a long way since a G&T in a can with brands offering high quality, delicious alternatives to a DIY cocktail.

No shakers, no mixers, no sourcing the best ingredients, these companies have done all that for you, all you need to do is pour into a glass and enjoy in front of the TV or, even better, on a Mother’s Day Zoom.

No hassle, just yummy. What’s more, the popularity of these pre-mixed cocktails means that you can find pretty much every flavour under the sun, bottled and ready for your convenience.





If the person you are looking to purchase for is the kind to try and work things out on their own, rather than be shown, then a cocktail class probably won’t be for them.

But they’re still looking to get into cocktail making and try out this fun new skill? Well cocktail kits are a great gift for them.

Packed full of starter ingredients, equipment, and instructions a cocktail kit can be a great gift for Mum to muddle through by themselves or on zoom with you and her friends.

Cocktail kits are becoming increasingly popular, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic with the trend likely to continue long after we are all free.

Cocktail kits can be very generic, covering a wide range of cocktails and skills.

You could be much more specific and get a specialised cocktail kit for your Mum’s favourite cocktail so the next time they see you they can whip up a perfect Espresso Martini or Old Fashioned.




Cocktail Mother's Day Gift Ideas - The cover of "The Joy of Mixology" by Gary Regan

If your Mum is anything like mine she loves a good book. However, every Mother’s Day I always end up buying her the same type of novel that she opens gratefully and smiles politely.

This year a great variation on this guaranteed crowd pleaser is that of a cocktail book.

The Joy of Mixology is a cocktail enthusiast must have item on the bookshelf, giving the reader an in depth history of the art and fundamental knowledge for growing your skills.

Written by Gary Regan, his imparted knowledge will have your mum sounding like a professional bartender to all her friends in no time.

The perfect gift for Mums who love to read.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: final thoughts

So, there you have it – the ultimate list of cocktail gift ideas to make a very special Mother’s Day. Think we missed something amazing? Check us out on Instagram and let us know!

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